October 16 2018 CDRC Minutes

October 16, 2018 Curriculum and Degree Requirements Committee Minutes

Time and Location

3:15-4:45 p.m. in CEN 217

Committee Members present: Jeff Borrowdale; Melanie Brown; Helen Faith; Jennifer Ferro; Laura Lawver; Julie Lindsey; Steve McQuiddy; Phil Moore (Chair); Claudia Owen; Tammy Salman; Craig Taylor; Vicki Trier; Dawn Whiting

FYI: HE212 Women;s Health was approved by the Health/Wellness/Fitness sub-committee

Department Curriculum Documents Type of Proposal Notes

3:30 Culinary Arts

Wendy Milbrat

CA 176 Concepts of Flavor

Course Title Change Action: Recommended

3:35 Computer and Information Technology

Joseph Colton

CS 189 Routing and Switching Essentials

New course Action: Recommended; include statement in Financial Impact that this course replaces one in the program; note there will be no net change in program credits

CS 279 Scaling Networks

Revision to course title, description and outcomes Action: Recommended

CS285 Cybersecurity Operations

Revision to course title, prerequisite, co-requisite, course description and outcomes

Action: Tabled until next meeting; needs Rationale section added

CS289 Connecting Networks

Revision to course title, course description and outcomes

Action: Recommended

3:45 Curriculum Office/Business

Tammy Salman, Chris Culver

Associate of Science Oregon Transfer-Business (see current pp. 34-35 of catalog)

See proposed revisions in PDF document. Highlights indicate proposed deletions; underline indicates proposed additions. Action: Recommended; submit cleaner copy to ASA

Notes from Other Meeting Discussions

  • Michael Samano, chair of Cultural Literacy Subcommittee spoke about the history of the Cultural Literacy designation at Lane and in the state, how he helps/supports faculty, and what the subcommittee does. To get a CL designation, courses must first be designated appropriate for a Discipline Studies category (Arts & Letters, Social Science, Math/Science/Computer Science). Subcommittee reviews CL requests and approves/doesn't approve. Sends decision to Curriculum Committee.
  • Susie Cousar, chair of Health/Wellness/Fitness subcommittee, spoke about the history of the Health/Wellness/Fitness designation at Lane and state requirements for AAOT.
  • Cultural Literacy and Health/Wellness/Fitness proposals will all be submitted to the online submission form and Curriculum Office will track requests and send documents to the appropriate subcomittees for review.
  • Reminder to committee members ot review the new documents and process for program development, found at the bottom of the Forms page.
  • Discussion about Sustainability designation and previous subcommittee work on this.
  • Action item: Add language to course forms requesting course proposals include how course additions or revisions will impact overall program credits and contact hours.
  • Action item: Add Sustainability subcommittee discussion to the next meeting agenda.