Nov 13 2018 Curriculum Degree Req Minutes

November 13, 201,8 Curriculum and Degree Requirements Committee Minutes

Time and Location

3:15-4:45 p.m. in CEN 217

Committee Members present:

Jeff Borrowdale, Melanie Brown, Jennifer Ferro, Jeff Harrison, Laura Lawver, Julie Lindsey, Deidre Lyons, Rosa Lopez, Phil Moore, Caoimhin O'Fearghail, Claudia Owen, Tammy Salman, Craig Taylor, Dawn Whiting

3:15-3:30 Discussion: Michael Denny (Music faculty) would like to discuss course enrollment caps and a possible Heritage Course designation. (View discussion document.) Seeking support for this classification of courses that have been taught face-to-face for 15 years. Eliminate class minimum so those who wish face-to-face vs online can have this choice. Committee generally supported this idea and recommended the discussion be taken to other groups on campus.

3:30-3:35 Discussion: Claudia Owen, Sustainability course designations. Subcommittee includes Claudia Owen, Luis Maggiori, Susie Cousar. They will work with faculty who want to integrate the three pillars of sustainability (ecological, social, economic).

NOTE:  Administrative Professional Program AAS degree, Customer Service CPCC, Legal Office Skills CPCC, Office Software Specialist CPCC, and Small Business Ownership have been suspended as of 6/2019.

Department Documents Type of Proposal Notes

3:35 Computer and Information Technology

Joseph Colton

CS 285 OS Hardening Revised Course (title, pre-reqs, co-reqs, description, outcomes) Action: Recommended with minor edits

3:40 Business

Chris Culver

CIS 245 Project Management


Title Change Action: Recommended

3:45 Health Professions/HIM

Kathleen Walters

HIT 107 Integrated Electronic Health Records

HIT 111 Implement and Customize EHRs

Revised Courses (credits, contact hours, description, outcomes) Action: Recommended with changes. HIT 107 description needs to follow guidelines; recommend keep current shorter description; minor edits to proposals

3:50 Science

Pat Boleyn

ENSC 265 Environmental Science Field Methods Course Form, AAOT Science application, and Sustainabiltiy

ENSC 265 Environmental Science Field Methods, AAOT Science application

ENSC 265 Environmental Science Field Methods, Sustainability application

New Course, AAOT application, Sustainability designation

Discussion: OSU will take this course as a transfer elective but not an equivalent, working on long-term project to create 200-level courses that transfer well; likely to get direct transfer agreement in the near future.

Action: Recommended with changes. Modify equity statement and make suggested grammar edits. AAOT application: Criteria #3 outcome doesn't match.

Sustainability application sent to Sustainability Subcommittee for review

4:00 Social Science/Anthropology

Bruce Sanchez

ANTH 228 Contemporary Cultures of Mexico

ANTH 228 Contemporary Cultures of Mexico AAOT Social Science application

ANTH 228 Cultural Literacy application

Revised Course (title, description, outcomes), AAOT Social Science application, Cultural Literacy application

Discussion: Question about how course will transfer. This is part of two-course series that now matches the UO series. Department to work with advisors and UO to determine transferability.

Action: Recommended with minor edits.

Cultural Literacy application sent to CL Subcommittee for review

4:10 Social Science/Human Services

Christina Salter

HS 150 Personal Effectiveness for Human Service Workers

Human Relations application

Action: Recommended

4:15 Advanced Technology/Apprenticeship

Pat O'Connor

APR 173 Sheet Metal Formulas New Course

Discussion: Concern from Math department; Math dean already contacted and OK with this course; committee members brought up the different between apprenticeship students and other CTE students. Most in apprenticeship take courses toward journeyman card and don't need to do gen ed. Also, state consortium prevents from using any but APR-prefixed courses.

Action: Recommended with changes. Needs stronger equity statement.

*Was previously taught as a 199 experimental course