Dec 4 2018 Curriculum degree req agenda

December 4, 2018, Curriculum and Degree Requirements Committee Agenda

Time and Location

3:15-4:45 p.m. in CEN 217

Committee Members:

  • Jeff Borrowdale-Faculty, Social Science
  • Melanie Brown-Curriculum Specialist (non-voting)
  • Helen Faith, Dean of New Student Transitions
  • Jennifer Ferro-Library
  • Jeff Harrison-Faculty, Language, Literature and Communication
  • Elijah Herr, Director, Financial Aid
  • Laura Lawver-Lead Scribe, Degree and Transcript Evaluator
  • Julie Lindsey-Faculty, Business/Computer Information Technology
  • Deidre Lyons-Academic Advisor
  • Gerry Meenaghan-Faculty, Co-operative Education
  • Rosa Lopez-Faculty, Career Pathways Coordinator
  • Steve McQuiddy-Faculty, Academic Learning Skills
  • Phil Moore (Chair)- Faculty, Mathematics
  • Caoimhin O'Fearghail-Faculty, Social Science
  • Claudia Owen-Faculty, Science
  • Tammy Salman-Faculty, Curriculum and Assessment (non-voting)
  • Craig Taylor- Director, Institutional Research
  • Paula Thonney-Faculty, Math
  • Vicki Trier-Associate Vice President
  • Dawn Whiting-Registrar
  • Paul Wilkins-Faculty, Computer Information Technology


  • FYI: ANTH 228 Chicano Cultures approved to meet Cultural Literacy
Department Documents Type of Proposal Notes

3:15 pm

Culinary Arts

Wendy Milbrat / Patrick O'Connor

CA 121 Culinary Adventuring: Composition of Cake AND CA 123 Culinary Adventuring: International Baking and Pastry 

CA 121-123 checklist

CA 121/123 impact statement

Title Changes

3:20 pm

Advanced Technology

Joy Crump

APR 213 HVAC Systems 4 and checklist New Course

3:25 pm

Health Professions / EMT

Cory Miner

EMT 196 Crisis Intervention

EMT 196 syllabus

Human Relations application

3:30 pm

Health Professions / Nursing

Maggie McHugh

NRS 111 A-B Foundations of Nursing in Chronic Illness 1 Clinical lab

NRS 112 A-B Foundations of Nursing in Acute Care 1 Clinical lab

NRS 111-112 checklist

Revised Course (credits, contact hours)

3:35 pm

Media Arts

Jan Halvorsen

MUL 199 Digital Painting and checklist New experimental course Experimental courses are not submitted to the state; can run twice in a two-year period before need to become permanent course.

3:40 pm


Don Easton

Cybersecurity AAS degree proposal: Research Worksheet, Application, Labor Market Info New AAS program

4 pm


Pam Farr

CS 275 Database Systems and Modeling

CS 276 Database SQL Programming

CS 275-276 checklist

CS 275 Revised Course: title, prerequisites, description, outcomes

CS 276 Revised Course:title, description, outcomes

Correction to submitted forms:

CS 275 (increasing contact hours from 5 to 6)

  • CURRENT Credits: 4 (3 are Lecture and 1 is Lecture/Lab)
  • PROPOSED Credits: 4 (2 Lecture, 2 Lecture/Lab)
  • CURRENT Contact hours: 5 (3 Lecture, 2 Lecture/Lab)
  • PROPOSED Contact hours: 6 (2 Lecture, 4 Lecture/Lab)

CS 276 (moving credits/contact hours around; no change in amount; eliminating Lab)

  • CURRENT Credits: 4 (3 are Lecture and 1 is Lab)
  • PROPOSED Credits: 4 (2 Lecture, 2 Lecture/Lab)
  • CURRENT Contact hours: 6 (3 Lecture, 3 Lab)
  • PROPOSED Contact hours: 6 (2 Lecture, 4 Lecture/Lab)

4:10 pm

Social Science / Human Services

Susan Shipp

Addiction Studies Career Pathway Certificate proposal: Research Worksheet and Application

Supporting document



4:25 pm

Social Science / Criminal Justice

Caoimhin OFearghail

CJA 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice and checklist

CJA 101 Introduction to Criminology and checklist

CJA 101 AAOT Social Science application

CJA 100: Revised Course (title, credits, contact hours, description, outcomes)

CJA 101: Revised course (number, credits, contact hours, description, outcomes)

Social Science application

4:30 pm Social Science / Education

ED 269 Inclusion and Special Needs and checklist

ED 269 AAOT Social Science application

New Course