Dec 4 2018 CDRC minutes

December 4, 2018, Curriculum and Degree Requirements Committee Minutes

Time and Location

3:15-4:45 p.m. in CEN 217

Committee Members present

Jeff Borrowdale, Jennifer Ferro, Jeff Harrison, Laura Lawver, Julie Lindsey, Deidre Lyons, Gerry Meenaghan, Phil Moore, Caoimhin O'Fearghail, Claudia Owen, Tammy Salman, Craig Taylor, Paula Thonney, Vicki Trier, Dawn Whiting

Notes: Criminal Justice: Juvenile Correction One-year certificate has been suspended as of 6/2019; Sustainability Subcommittee approved sustainability designation for ENG 240 Nature Literature.




Type of Proposal


Culinary Arts

Wendy Milbrat / Patrick O'Connor

CA 121 Culinary Adventuring: Composition of Cake AND CA 123 Culinary Adventuring: International Baking and Pastry

Title Changes

Action: Recommended

Advanced Technology

Joy Crump

APR 213 HVAC Systems 4

New Course

Action: Recommended

Health Professions / EMT

Cory Miner

EMT 196 Crisis Intervention

Human Relations application

Action: Recommended

Health Professions / Nursing

Maggie McHugh

NRS 111 A-B Foundations of Nursing in Chronic Illness 1 Clinical lab

NRS 112 A-B Foundations of Nursing in Acute Care 1 Clinical lab

Revised Course (credits, contact hours)

Action: Recommended

Media Arts

Jan Halvorsen

MUL 199 Digital Painting

New experimental course

Action: Recommended

Experimental courses are not submitted to the state; can run twice in a two-year period before need to become permanent course.


Don Easton

Cybersecurity AAS degree proposal

New AAS program

Action: Recommended. Update CG 203 to reflect "Human Relations Requirement" so students have choice for HR courses. Minor edits. Discuss with HS Connections.


Pam Farr

CS 275 Database Systems and Modeling

CS 276 Database SQL Programming

CS 275 Revised Course: credits/contact hours; title, prerequisites, description, outcomes

CS 276 Revised Course: credits/contact hours title, description, outcomes

Action for CS 275 and 276: Not recommended. Revise and re-submit by Jan.10 for ad hoc email vote. Please revise credits/contact hours to reflect Current and Proposed; spell out SQL when used the first time; revise description and outcomes; make outcomes in Part 1 match outcomes listed in chart in Part 3; add course topics in Part 3 (currently just a copy/paste of outcomes); remove reference to "weekend hours" in equity statement (CS 275); add CS 161P as prerequisite; other minor edits. Tammy will send revised course proposals to committee members for vote-by-email in first week of Winter Term.

Social Science / Human Services

Susan Shipp

Addiction Studies Career Pathway Certificate proposal New Career Pathway Certificate Action: Recommended

Social Science / Criminal Justice

Caoimhin OFearghail

CJA 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice

CJA 101 Introduction to Criminology

CJA 101 AAOT Social Science application

CJA 100: Revised Course (title, credits, contact hours, description, outcomes)

CJA 101: Revised course (number, credits, contact hours, description, outcomes)

Social Science application

Action for CJA 100: Recommended

Action for CJA 101: Due to incorrect link on agenda, the proposal will be sent out, with the AAOT application, to the committee for email review.

CJA 101 AAOT Social Science application: Please revise title to reflect the newly proposed number CJA 200.

Social Science / Education

ED 269 Inclusion and Special Needs and AAOT form

New course and AAOT Social Science application Action: Recommended