Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Resources

This page contains some resources that might be helpful for developing and revising courses and programs. Please contact the Curriculum Office for help.

Community Colleges Handbook and Planning Guide

"The Oregon Community Colleges Handbook & Planning Guide, 2015 Edition (the Community College Handbook) is a comprehensive resource for Oregon community colleges." Oregon Community Colleges Handbook and Planning Guide

Course Prefixes and Numbers

Looking for a prefix and/or number for your course? It is up to you to determine a prefix, number, and title for your course. The best method is to search online for similar courses or talk with your colleagues at other institutions about equivalent course prefixes and numbers. Work with your academic advisor to determine how your course might transfer (if applicable) and what the best prefix and number might be for transfer purposes. The Oregon Community Colleges and Workforce Development (CCWD) department developed a catalog in 2001 that is now archived but still may be useful. Catalog of Lower Division Collegiate Courses

Credits and Contact Hours

Use these formulas to determine number of contact hours per course.

  • 1 credit of lecture = 1 contact hour 
  • 1 credit of lecture/lab = 2 contact hours
  • 1 credit of lab = 3 contact hours

Curriculum Procedures and Guidelines (internal COPPS)