Curriculum Forms

Curriculum Forms and Processes

Online Curriculum Submission Form

Online Submission Form:

  • Submit completed curriculum proposal documents as attachments using the online submission form (Emailed forms will not be accepted).
  • Be sure your documents are complete and you have obtained necessary review and signatures prior to submitting.
  • If you would like help with curriculum development, contact the Curriculum Office.

Course Proposal Forms (Updated September 2020)

Learn more about the course approval steps and view a process flowchart: Course approval process steps.

New Course Proposal (required forms)

Revised Course Proposals (required forms)

Course Number/Title Change Only (required forms)

Note: Prefix changes must be discussed with the Curriculum Office before creating a proposal. Prefix changes are not typical and should only be made for reasons such as a change in accreditation or consortium requirements or because of a transfer issue with a university or other similar reason.

Course Attribute Forms

AAOT/ASOT Discipline Studies Applications

Cultural Literacy Application

  • Cultural Literacy form
    • Courses submitted for Cultural Literacy must already be approved as Discipline Studies courses.

Human Relations (for AAS degrees and Certificates of 45 credits or more)

Use this form to apply to have a course approved for 1) the list of HR transfer courses, or 2) for a specific CTE program of 45 credits or more. 

Sustainability Application

Use this form to apply to have a course designated as meeting sustainability criteria. Courses with this designation will appear on the Course Schedule under the Sustainability heading.

Lower-division collegiate courses that Currently Meet the Human Relations Requirement for AAS degrees and Certificates
  • BA 278 Leadership and Team Dynamics
  • CG 100 College Success
  • CG 203 Human Relations at Work
  • COMM 130 Business and Professional Communication
  • COMM 218 Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 219 Small Group Discussion
  • COMM 260 Introduction to Conflict Management

For Career Technical Education (CTE) courses to be meet this requirement within a program, a department must fill out the Human Relations form and indicate how their course will meet the criteria. Career Technical courses meeting the human relations requirement are specific to a program and will not be added to the list.

Experimental courses 199/299

Experimental courses are meant to test a new subject or content area. They may be offered two times over a two year period. After that, they must be inactivated or brought through the curriculum approval process with a discrete course number and prefix. Experimental courses cannot be used to meet requirements in a Degree or Certificate program. 

Independent Study courses 198/298

See guidelines under College Online Policy and Procedures

Special Studies courses 197/297

Special Studies courses are intended to provide advanced study in a particular discipline.

CTE Program Proposal Application Forms 

If you are developing a Career Pathway Certificate, please contact the Career Pathways Faculty Coordinator. Learn more about the approval process: program approval workflow

Before you begin a program application, you must contact the Curriculum Office and have an initial meeting with the Curriculum Coordinator and other members of the curriculum team. The coordinator will help facilitate the program development process and connect you with internal stakeholders who can help with developing the proposal. Please do not submit program applications that have not been discussed with Curriculum Office staff and other collaborators.

Required application forms for all program types include Checklist, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Please do not begin Parts 2 and 3 until you have determined with your dean and other collaborators as needed that there is sufficient need and capacity for the program. 

Required for some program proposals

Labor Market Information (required to submit current Occupational Profiles Report for AAS degrees and standalone Certificates of Completion)

Program Suspension or Reinstatement (AAS degrees and Certificates)

Please contact the Curriculum Office if you plan to suspend or reinstate a program.

  • Letter of Suspension: Contact the Curriculum Office if you want to suspend a program. The top part of the suspension template needs to be filled out by the Curriculum Office and then will be sent to the department to complete.
  • Letter of Suspension Example: Use this to help you fill out the Letter of Suspension Template
  • Letter of Reinstatement: Contact the Curriculum Office if you want to reinstate a program. The official reinstatement memo will be started by the Curriculum Office and then sent to the department to review and complete.
  • Program suspensions: see Oregon Community Colleges Handbook