Curriculum and Degree Requirements Committee

Curriculum and Degree Requirements Committee (CDRC)


Name Department
Jeff Borrowdale Faculty, Social Science
Melanie Brown Curriculum Specialist, Curriculum Office (non-voting)
Shamra Clark Faculty, Cooperative Education
Jennifer Ferro Faculty, Library
Jeff Harrison Faculty, Language, Literature and Communication
Elijah Herr Director of Financial Aid
Paul Jarrell VP, Academic and Student Affairs
Laura Lawver Degree Evaluator, Enrollment Services
Deidre Lyons Academic Advisor
Rosa Lopez Faculty, Career Pathways Coordinator, ABSE
Steve McQuiddy Faculty, Academic Learning Skills
Phil Moore Faculty, Mathematics
Caoimhin O'Fearghail Faculty, Social Science, Criminal Justice
Claudia Owen Faculty, Science, Earth and Environmental Science
Tammy Salman Faculty, Curriculum Office (non-voting)
Paula Thonney Faculty, Math
Dawn Whiting Registrar, Enrollment Services
Paul Wilkins Faculty, Computer Information Technology

Cultural Literacy Subcommittee

  • Michael Samano (Chair), Faculty, Social Science, Ethnic Studies
  • Susie Cousar, Faculty, Health Education
  • Suzanne Williams, Faculty, Social Science, Sociology
  • Phil Martinez, Dean, Social Science

Health/Wellness/Fitness Subcommittee

  • Susie Cousar (Chair), Faculty, Health Education
  • Leslie Greer, Faculty, Dental Assisting
  • Sharrie Herbold, Faculty, Health Education
  • Grady O'Connor, Faculty, Physical Education
  • Wendy Simmons, Faculty, Health and PE

Sustainability Subcommittee

  • Claudia Owen, Faculty, Earth and Environmental Science
  • Luis Maggiori-Baiz, Project Coordinator Lead for Facilities Management and Planning 
  • Susie Cousar, Faculty, Health