Curriculum and Degree Requirements Committee

Curriculum Committee Membership


  • Nikki Gavin, Faculty - Science, Math, and Engineering (also assigned division coordinator)

Academic & Student Affairs

  • Lori Areford, Academic Advisor
  • Allison Bryson, Financial Aid Director
  • Paul Jarrell, Provost and Executive Vice President (non-voting)
  • Vacant, Enrollment Services, Classified
  • Dawn Whiting, Registrar

Arts & Humanities Division

  • Jeff Harrison, Faculty
  • Laura Pelletier, Faculty (assigned division coordinator)

Business, Technology, and Trades Division

  • Vacant, Faculty (assigned division coordinator)

Career Pathways

  • Rosa Lopez, Faculty

College and Career Foundations Division

  • Tracy Henninger, Faculty (assigned division coordinator)

Cooperative Education

  • Shamra Clark, Faculty

Curriculum and Assessment (non-voting)

  • Patrick Blaine, Dean
  • Deidre Lyons, Curriculum Specialist
  • Tammy Salman, Faculty, Curriculum Coordinator
  • Randy Ware and Shannon Ball, Faculty, Assessment Coordinator

Health Professions, Health, and PE Division

  • Sam Gibeau, Faculty
  • Tamberly Powell, Faculty (assigned division coordinator)


  • Jennifer Ferro, Faculty

Science, Math, and Engineering Division

  • Claudia Owen, Faculty
  • Paula Thonney, Faculty

Social Science Division

  • Jeff Borrowdale, Faculty
  • Caoimhin O'Fearghail, Faculty (member and also assigned division coordinator)
  • Michael Samano, Faculty

Cultural Literacy Subcommittee

  • Michael Samano (Chair), Faculty, Social Science, Ethnic Studies
  • Susie Cousar, Faculty, Health Education
  • Suzanne Williams, Faculty, Social Science, Sociology

Health/Wellness/Fitness Subcommittee

  • Sam Gibeau, Faculty, Health and PE
  • Susie Cousar (Chair), Faculty, Health Education
  • Sharrie Herbold Sheley, Faculty, Health Education
  • Grady O'Connor, Faculty, Physical Education
  • Wendy Simmons, Faculty, Health and PE

Sustainability Subcommittee

  • Claudia Owen, Faculty, Earth and Environmental Science
  • Luis Maggiori-Baiz, Project Coordinator Lead for Facilities Management and Planning
  • Susie Cousar, Faculty, Health