Student Club

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The Student Club

The Student Club provides an opportunity for all students in both Culinary Arts and Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Management to get together and have fun, network for future jobs, support each other while in school, have a voice in the quality and standards of the Program, and sponsor guest speakers, field trips, and educational seminars.

Meetings are held once a month and the advisors for the club are Chef Instructor Clive Wanstall, CEC, CCE; and Hospitality Management Instructor Joe McCully, CEH.  Gratuities from the Renaissance Room and special functions, as well as any student-run fundraising activities, are deposited into the Student Club fund. These moneys are used to purchase extra equipment for student use, pay entrance fees to extra curricular activities such as the Northwest Food Show, Chefs' Night Out, and any other events that build a community spirit.

Officers are elected from the 2nd-year student roster by student body vote at the beginning of spring term. The Officers will be able to gain extensive leadership experience as well as an impressive bit of information to put on their résume. Employers are looking for employees who have leadership experience and are not afraid of taking on responsibilities. We hope you will take the opportunity to participate in as well as develop Club activities. This is your program and your input can help improve both your learning experience and future students as well. We hope to see you at the first meeting!


Student Ambassadors

Each year, two Student Ambassadors, one representing Culinary Arts and one representing Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Management, are chosen from the 2nd-year student rosters. The Ambassadors are models of excellence for both programs.  They represent the program at various student recruitment events, assist staff with the organization of events, both on and off campus, and support the entire CAHM student body.  Applications are available in the spring term and reviewed by the Dean and Faculty. Positions are then appointed and begin for the next academic year. After successful completion of each term, you will receive a $200 student stipend, totaling $600 at the end of one year.