Scholarship Opportunities

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Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship moneys are available to help pay for your schooling and, with some effort on your part, can be yours!

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Congratulations to our Lane Foundation Scholarship winners for 2014-15!

When you find a scholarship you would like to apply for, check your eligibility against the criteria for the scholarship and make sure that you qualify. Read all the details of the scholarship and follow the directions carefully for a successful submission package. Each year, during January, the Lane Foundation announces the Annual Lane Foundation Scholarships available for the next academic year. Scholarships that specifically support our Program are available for application.

The application process is now completed online and information is available at the Foundation website.

Scholarship applications have specific criteria for application and a definite deadline...prepare early! The Foundation website has complete information on scholarships and all the information you need for the application process. Lane offers many scholarship workshops beginning in fall term. Workshop dates are listed on the Lane homepage. Career and Employment Services has video for viewing. You can reach them at (541) 463-5217 or visit the CES website for more information

The Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Program offers moneys in the forms of a Need-Based Emergency Scholarship, Student Assistant/Peer Tutor Stipends, and Student Ambassador Stipends. Contact Administrative Support Specialist Wendy Milbrat in the Culinary Arts offices in Bldg. 19, room 202 or Special Projects Coordinator Julie Fether, room 204 for more information. 

Scholarships are a win-win situation for both recipients and donors! Make the commitment and take the necessary time to properly fill out applications. Your effort will reap many rewards! 

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