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Faculty/Staff Contact Information

The Culinary Arts Department office has limited physical contact hours. For assistance please email or call 541-463-3518.

Mailing Address:
Lane Community College
Culinary Arts & Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Management
4000 East 30th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97405

Phone: 541-463-3518
Fax: 541-463-4741
Office: Building 19, Room 137

Reception Phone: 541-463-5221

Office Hours Fall Term 2021:

September - December, 2021
Monday-Friday: 8am-5 pm by email at or phone: 541-463-3518

Division Dean and Staff

Chris Rehn​
Dean of Dean of Business, Technology and Trades Division 

Phone: 541-463-5305
Office Location: Building 19, Room 140

Wendy Milbrat
Project Specialist
Phone: 541-463-3518
Office Hours: 8:30-5PM
Main Office Location: Bldg. 19 Rm. 137

Tristy Bemiller
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 541-463-5221
Office Hours: 8 am - 5 pm
Office Location: Bldg.19, Rm. 141

Program Advisors

You may contact the assigned advisors for academic advising, see the Advising site for current advisors.


Dr. Lisa Benson, PhD
Hospitality Management Instructor
Phone: 541-463-3504
Office Location: Bldg. 19 Rm. 206

Addrienne Dombrosky
Hospitality Management Instructor

Michael Landsberg
Chef / Instructor
Phone: 541-463-3502
Office Location: Center Bldg. Rm. 127

Clive Wanstall, CEC, CCE
Chef / Instructor
Phone: 541-463-3507
Office Location: Center Bldg. Rm. 127