Clive Wanstall

Faculty Member


Center Building, Room 127


(541) 463-3507

Chef Clive Wanstall has been a chef instructor for the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management program since 1998. An ACF Certified Executive Chef and Certified Culinary Educator, Chef Clive instructs in the culinary arts core curriculum including the 2nd-year student culinary arts course sequence of Advanced Cooking Theories; and Kitchen Fundamentals for Hospitality Management students. Chef Wanstall passionately operates the showcase, student-run restaurant, The Renaissance Room with a lighthearted approach to the learning experience.

Chef Wanstall graduated from the Thanet Technical College's Professional Cookery Program in Kent, England in 1972. He brings with him well over 24 years of culinary and management experience. He was the restaurant manager at Eugene's Ambrosia restaurant from 1987-1998. Chef Clive has held many titles over the course of his culinary career from General Manager, Chef de Cuisine, Executive Chef, Catering Chef, Executive Sous Chef, Chef Poissioner, and Chef Saucier. He is actively involved in the community and heralds many volunteer activities for the program.