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Gain entry level skills and know-how to get your feet wet in the Culinary Arts and Hospitality industry! The Career Pathways Certificate Programs in Baking and Pastry and Meeting, Convention, and Special Events Manager are designed to give the student entry-level skills to succeed in the industry. All course credits are designed to enter the 2-Year AAS Degree Programs if so desired! If you are a 2-year AAS Degree Culinary Arts student, you are eligible to take additional courses offered through Lane's Health Professions program to become a Certified Dietary Manager in the CPC Dietary Manager Program!

Contact Information

For general Program information and guidance, you may contact:


Carolyn Litty
Program Counselor
(541) 463-5236

Claudia Riumallo
Program Advisor
(541) 463-5378

Wendy Milbrat
Project Specialist
(541) 463-3518

The Culinary Arts Program offers a Career Pathways Certificate Program in Baking and Pastry!

This pathway certificate is for students that want to get a foot hold in the food service industry as beginning bakers and pastry cooks. All of the classes offered in this program would apply directly should you want to consider obtaining an Associate of Applied Science degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management in the future in this program.

The Baking and Pastry CPC Program is worth 22 Credits.
A Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Baking and Pastry course, which begins in the Fall term, must be taken in sequence: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Baking (3 terms); Food Service Safety and Sanitation; Seasonal Baking and Pastry (2 credit class, 4 credits required; choose 2 terms out of 4); International Baking and Pastry; Basic Mathematics; and Composition of Cake.

This Baking and Pastry Certificate program is NOT considered a One-Year Certificate of Completion.

The Certificate is embedded within the 2-Year Culinary Arts and Food Service Management AAS degree program. All Certificate courses are also available to accepted 2-Year AAS students as program electives or for the Culinary Arts students who are also obtaining the Certificate. Registration for these courses are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students are responsible for understanding the advanced and open registration dates and process in order to register for these courses successfully.

Applications are only available to download - it is not an online application. The completed Application with all Support Materials shoud be tuned in to the Main Offices in the Center for Meeting and Learning, Building 19, Room 202 to Administrative Support Specialist Wendy Milbrat:

Baking and pastry items made by studentsYou can now begin the admission process for the Career Pathways Certificate program in Baking and Pastry in preparation to submit your Application Materials. Just follow these steps:

  1. Lane Community College Admission
    Apply to Lane Community College. Once you are a Lane student you will receive an 'L' number. This number is required on your Culinary Arts application.
  2. Placement Testing
    Take placement tests in reading, writing, and math. Minimum scores needed to apply to the program are reading-68 and writing-64 and readiness for Math 25. If you have prior college credit in writing or math, attach an unofficial transcript to your application. YOUR UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS MUST BE APPROVED AND DOCUMENTED BY PROGRAM COUNSELOR OR ADVISOR. THE DOCUMENT MUST BE ATTACHED TO THE APPLICATION WHEN SUBMITTED. Math must be current within one year or a placement test will need to be taken. Testing at (541) 463-5325.
  3. Take the Lane County Food Handlers Card Exam online: Lane County Food Handlers Permit Online Testing
    The cost of the card is $10.
  4. Complete Your Career Pathways Certificate Program Application for the Baking and Pastry program. 
    You can download the Application from the link above or or stop by the main program offices in Building 19, Room 202 right here at Lane!

The Hospitality Management Program offers a Career Pathways Certificate Program in Meeting, Convention, and Special Events Manager! 

student at computerThis Certificate is available for current or incoming students, 2014-15. The Meeting, Convention, and Special Events Manager is for students who want to acquire advanced skills in event management and planning. All of the classes offered in these Certificate programs would apply directly should you want to consider obtaining an Associate of Applied Science degree in the future in the Hospitality Management Program.

The Meeting, Convention, Special Events Manager Certificate is worth 44 Credits.
Classes are only offered in specific terms: Hospitality Management Lab, Introduction to Hospitality Management, Principles of Meeting and Convention Management, Advanced Principles of Meeting and Convention Management, Hotel Operations 1 and 2, Supervision in the Hospitality Industry, Buffet and Banquet Planning, Hospitality Sales and Marketing, Communications and Guest Relations, and 8 credits of Cooperative Education.