Nomination Form

Classified Employee Recognition Award

Nomination Form

Thank you for noticing that one of our Classified employees deserves recognition! A nomination for this award tells us that this employee has made a difference to you and to Lane and that in and of itself is such an honor.

Selection Information and Criteria

How to Nominate a Classified Employee:

  1. Complete the form below. Individuals nominating the same person should submit their own (or you can choose one person to be the nominator to serve as the contact person).
  2. After you hit submit, you will receive an automated confirmation email.
  3. If your nominee is chosen at the end of the next term, you will be notified. If he/she is not chosen, you will not be notified; however, the nomination form will remain in our nomination pool for 3 more terms.

All fields are required.

List the first and last name of the person you are nominating.
List the department the person you are nominating works in.
The depth and quality of your answer will influence whether or not your nominee is recognized with an award.
List your name or the name of the person representing a group nomination.
List your phone number or the phone number of the person representing a group nomination.
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