Classified Professional Development Team


The classified professional developmental team (CPDT) is comprised of classified staff who volunteer to help the college promote professional development opportunities to classified staff at Lane. We do this because we value personal development. We know that if classified staff are improving themselves, not only are they maximizing their personal potential, but they are also investing in the future of the college.

Our mission is to support and encourage life-long learning for classified staff in areas of professional growth that aligns with the mission, vision, and core values of the college.

Current Projects:

  • Professional Development Reimbursement Programs
  • Classified Employee Recognition Programs
  • Random Acts of Chocolate
  • Workshops, Conferences & In-Service
  • Skills Support and Training

Do you have an idea for professional development you would like to share or pursue? If so, contact us!

CPDT recruiting table

  • Reports to: Donna Koechig, Manager of Professional & Organizational Development,
  • Co-chairs: Casandra Rhay and Heather Lee
  • Membership: Classified Staff
  • When Members Are Selected: Applications accepted on an ongoing basis
  • Length of Membership: Two years
  • Meeting Times/Length of Meetings: One meeting per term for 90 minutes with subcommitees meeting as needed

Roles/Duties of Committee Members: Manage various ongoing programs to support personal professional development of classified staff.