FAQ about Spring 2020

FAQ about Spring 2020

Last updated 6/11/20

When do classes start for Spring 2020? Should I come to campus?

Classes begin on April 6, and will be remotely (primarily online), and will end June 13. Other than certain classes with in-person lab or clinical hours, no classes will be held on campus. Please do not come to campus unless specifically instructed to. 

Why are classes starting later than usual, and how are we going to learn everything with one less week?

Moving the majority of LCC’s classes from in-person to online/remote learning was an unexpected and big challenge. In brief, we needed more time to be able to do it. Don’t worry: instructors will match the coursework to the new timeframe.

I have a dance/art/theater class or an auto/welding class. Should I come to campus?

As the colleges starts to reopen, some classes that require in-person instruction (for instance, for health professions labs) may have in-person sessions. Most classes, including traditionally “hands-on classes”, are being held in a remote format. Do not come to campus unless specifically instructed to.

I’ve never been an online student or remote learner. How do I even get started?

You will be using Moodle (that’s the name of our platform for online classes), where you should be able to see your “Current Courses” (when they are added). Log in to Moodle. If you have problems, please consult our Keep Learning page, or contact the Student Help Desk.

I don’t have access to the Internet. What can I do?

Please go to our LaneOnline Keep Learning page, and click on “Need Internet?” at the bottom of the page for a good list of free or low-cost Internet options.

How do I get books and materials for class, including rental books? Should I come to campus?

The Titan Store (bookstore) is offering free ground shipping on all orders, including rental books. The physical bookstore is open between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. For more information, please see the Titan Store’s COVID-19 FAQ.

I am receiving financial aid through work-study. How do I get paid if I can’t come to campus?

Be sure to check with your work study supervisor, but for April 1-15, students will not be required to report to work. They will submit their timesheet for this period with their regular hours and go through the same timesheet approval process.

I need to get documents to Financial Aid. Should I come to campus?

Save yourself a trip! (Don’t come to campus.) Upload your documents using the Financial Aid Document Upload page (You will be asked to log in before viewing the page). If you have problems, please e-mail Financial Aid at finaid@lanecc.edu or call (541) 463-3400.

Will there be Commencement (graduation ceremony)?

A virtual commencement will be held on June 20th.