Student Support and Fee Changes

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Provost and Executive Vice President Paul Jarrell

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Friday, March 27, 2020 - 2:53pm

Hello LCC Titans,

I hope this letter finds you and your family safe and well during this unprecedented health crisis. It is important that you continue to practice good safe health habits: social distancing, frequent handwashing, avoiding touching eyes, nose, and mouth, and staying away from public.

Faculty and staff here at LCC have been working hard to make sure your spring term experience is a positive one and that we can keep you moving along your educational paths with little disruption. Hopefully, you have received some communications from your instructors regarding how your courses will proceed. Most classes have been moved entirely remotely and will be able to finish within the term.  Classes with specialized lab activity may have some lab hours deferred to summer or a later date. If your classes are cancelled for any reason, someone from the department will be in contact to direct you to alternative courses or to inform you of when the courses will be offered again. Most courses that need to be cancelled, will resume in summer, conditions permitting.

We are working to provide support for you to be successful in classes offered in the remote setting. A comprehensive list of resources available to you can be found at this link:

Lane Online: Keep Learning

We also realize that many of you may have limited access to technology and WiFi. Please complete this survey (if you haven’t already) to help us address your needs.

Student Technology Needs Survey

We are working to increase our ability to loan computers to students for the Spring term. We have purchased a few hundred laptops and chromebooks and will be looking to acquire more as needed. We are working on a mechanism to distribute to students that have need. More information will follow for this process.

In addition to the previous mentioned resources, we will also continue to offer tutoring services for many of your classes. The sessions will be modified to be delivered in a remote setting. In addition, you have free access to live e-tutoring through this link:


In light of classes moving to a remote setting, we have waived, or eliminated some fees. Other fees have remained in place, as services are still being provided in a modified fashion.  Some services and needs have increased. Here is a summary of changes to tuition and fees for spring term only:

  1. Tuition ($118.00/credit): No change. 
  2. Transportation Fee ($27.00/term): Waived for Spring term. If you have paid this already as part of your Spring term fees, it will be credited back to your account.
  3. Lab/Course Fees (varies): Most course fees and lab fees will remain in effect as the lab portions of courses will continue either remotely or completed at a later date. If lab activities get pushed into a future term, no additional tuition or fees will be charged and you will have full access. If a you drop a course or the course is cancelled, fees will be credited back to your account. If there are certain items (equipment, tools, etc.) or field trips that will not occur, those specific fees will also be credited back to your account. 
  4. Student Activity Fee ($56.05/term): According to college policy, the Student Activity Fee Committee (composed of students) must make a recommendation for change. We have asked the committee to meet. Their recommendation will need Board approval to change. Any decreases to this fee will be credited back to your account.
  5. Technology Fee ($9.00/credit): No change.
  6. Online Fee ($25.00/course): No change. This will only be charged to courses originally developed and advertised as fully online courses.
  7. Student Health Fee ($45.00/term): No change. We are moving to a telehealth model providing services to you via email, phone, and zoom. We are looking to expand telehealth services by contracting with third party vendors. Details can be found at the Health Clinic website. If you have health concerns or questions, please call 541-463-5665.
  8. One-time new student credit enrollment fee ($30.00/student): Waived for Spring term.
  9. Late fees (varies): Waived for Spring term.
  10. International Credit Student Fee ($125.00/term): No change.

We realize that the Covid-19 health crisis has impacted you in many ways. We are working hard to make the transition to remote learning as seamless as possible. As conditions arise that impact your ability to succeed in your courses, we hope that you will reach out to your instructor or seek guidance from the Academic Advising Department and Counseling Center. We remain available to assist you.


Paul Jarrell
Provost and Executive Vice President