Undeclared Students

Undeclared Students

Nearly 65 to 85% of all entering college students will change their academic major or career objective at least once during their college experience (American College Testing – ACT). For some students, considering themselves "Undeclared/Undecided" is an opportunity to explore a variety of educational and career goals.

Many resources are available for "Undeclared/Undecided Majors"; some of them include the following:

  • Individual career and goal-setting counseling provided through Counseling Department staff
  • Counseling/Guidance courses, such as Career & Life Planning (CG 140), The Complete Job Finder (CG 209), and Extended Career Exploration (CG 180)
  • Career information resources, materials and programs offered through Career Employment Services (CES)

Career counseling and academic advisement services are available to all current and/or prospective students. Located in Student Services (Building #1) drop-in services are generally offered Monday through Friday (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM). Extended hours may be offered during peak periods during each term. Visit or call (541) 463-3200 for additional information.

Special Note: Financial Aid requires students who are not declaring a major to be degree seeking. Therefore, a student could select an Associate's Degree (2 yr degree) or a Bachelor's Degree (4 year degree) to meet this requirement without selecting a specific field of study (major).