Creating the Life You Want

Creating the Life You Want...

A Free Seminar Series for 2017

brain puzzle graphicBrought to you by Lane's Counseling Department and the Career Center.

Come explore topics and learn strategies that will enhance your success in school, at work, and beyond.

Seminars will be on Tuesdays from 3-3:50 and Wednesdays  from 1-2:50 pm.

All seminars are held in Bldg 19, Room 232

Seminar Descriptions Below Schedule

Pre-registration is not necessary.
Everyone is welcome!


Living Your Values - on Wed., April 26 1-2:50 pm

Identifying Your Strengths - on Wed., May 3 from 1-2:50 pm

Achieving Your Goals - on Wed., May 10 from 1-2:50 pm

Managing Stress - on Wed., May 17 from 1-2:50 pm

Increasing Perceived Control to Reduce Stress - on Tues., May 23 from 3-350 pm

Supporting Self in Relationship to Others' Addictive Behaviors- Tues., May 30 from 3-3:50 pm

Creating The Life You Want Seminar Descriptions

Living Your Values
Discover what values are essential to "create the life that you want." Explore how you can live a life that's congruent with your values, by identifying "what's important to you" in four life roles--Work, Leisure, Family, Community. 

Identifying Your Strengths
Experience a process to identify your major strengths, skills, and personal qualities. Discover "evidence" that supports your strengths, to increase your self-confidence and to effectively communicate your strengths to others.

Creating Your Success Team
This workshop will focus on developing a supportive team with emphasis on academic, career and personal relationships.

Increasing Emotional Intelligence
This workshop will help you improve relationships through empathy for- and understanding of- the emotions of others, learn strategies to consciously choose how to think and speak more positively about self and others.

Managing Stress
This workshop provides information on how stress is experienced in the body, and the impact this has on our thinking and feeling states. It includes hands-on activities designed to reduce stress and promote well-being.

Achieving Your Goals

"Goals are dreams with deadlines." Learn and experience a process that you can use to develop long- and short-term goals in all areas of your life. Create an action plan, outlining next steps to move toward your goals.

Increasing Perceived Control to Reduce Stress
This workshop will explore "learned helplessness" and "perceived control" and how "unlearning" these concepts can positively impact your success in college, work, and life.

Supporting Self in Relationship to Others' Addictive Behaviors
Concerned about someone's drinking, drug use, or gambling? Attend this workshop to learn more about the addictive processes and how you can take care of you. Participants will leave with a toolkit of self-care, campus, and community resources.

For more information contact Lane's Counseling Department at (541) 463-3200, or stop by Bldg 1/Room 103.