COVID-19 Faculty Resources

OEA Foundation Funds – Grants for Students

Any LCCEA member may apply for grants for their students through a quick request. These grants may be used directly for student expenses such as Chromebooks, textbooks, rent, utilities, or other basic needs. The maximum grant per student is usually $100, but faculty are encouraged to apply for up to $250 if the student needs a Chromebook.

OEA Relief Fund for Part-time Faculty

Part-time faculty who are members of OEA/LCCEA and who have experienced loss of pay or class cancellation for Spring may apply for up to $1000. Faculty must have been LCCEA/OEA members as of March 2, 2020 and must submit documentation of expenses (e.g. housing payment, food, childcare, medical, etc.) and documentation of lost income (e.g. email from dean about class cancellation or statement by faculty member certifying they had a class cancelled).

LCCEA Emergency Fund for LCCEA Faculty Members

LCCEA faculty members (part-time or full-time) with a financial need, which could be due a class cancellation, unanticipated medical expense, etc., may request up to $300 for emergency expenses. If you have questions about your membership status, please contact Membership Chair, Wendy Simmons.

Cards for Colleagues

Fill out a brief form, and LCCEA will send a card to a faculty colleague. Faculty members may request that a card be sent to a colleague for life events such as birth, adoption, or death in the family, marriage or domestic partnership, illness, or simply to cheer up or send well wishes to a colleague for any reason, facilitated by LCCEA Membership Committee.