Vehicle Regulations: Downtown Center

Public Safety
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Jace Smith
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Responsible Executive Authority: 
Vice President, College Services

This procedure describes vehicle regulations and enforcement, parking options and violations process at the Downtown campus and Downtown Center of Lane Community College.


Lane Community College does not assume responsibility for any motor vehicle, or its contents, parked or operated on College property. Responsibility for locating a legal parking space rests with the operator of the motor vehicle. Lack of a readily available "convenient" parking space is not an excuse for violation of parking regulations.

The Lane Community College Public Safety Department enforces parking regulations under ORS 341.300. All current Oregon traffic and parking laws apply on campus properties. In addition, college specific regulations may be posted and enforced. Public Safety officers have full authority as peace officers in enforcing traffic regulations on campus. Persons operating motor vehicles on campus must meet Oregon State licensure and insurance requirements.

Downtown Center (DTC) and Downtown Campus Parking

The following procedure reflects parking at the Downtown Campus or Downtown Center.

  1. A limited number of parking spaces are reserved through the City of Eugene for Lane Community College employees. These spaces must be paid for by either the employee or the employee's department.
  2. Only vehicles (Downtown Center) that have official business with the College may park on College property. This definition includes employees engaged in legitimate work activities, vendors, contractors, or other specifically designated or authorized persons. Other individuals not described here are subject to fine and or towing as vehicle regulations permit.
  3. At the Downtown Campus, only Public Safety vehicles have designated parking. This parking is located in the "Emergency Vehicle" parking spaces on the west side of the building.Public Safety, in a cooperative relationship with the City of Eugene, may issue citations for these spaces. These are Eugene municipal citations. The city of Eugene may also enforce these spaces.

Downtown Campus Loading/Unloading

A temporary parking area is located on the south side of the Downtown Campus. This area is the designated loading and unloading space. Loading and unloading may also take place in the rear of the Downtown campus on the North side of the building.


Parking citations are placed on windshields.

Unpaid citations not cleared within ten days are sent to College Finance for billing. This billing may result in billing charges added to the amount of the fine. For additional information on penalties and consequences for failing to remit payment of bails, see: Vehicle Regulations Procedure and Public Safety Department Citation Process

Instructions for Clearing Citations

Instructions for clearing and appealing citations are printed on the back of the citation. Citations received at the Downtown Campus and Downtown Center may also be cleared and appealed at the Public Safety desk located at the DTC.

Citations previously billed by the college may be paid by mail, or in person at Enrollment Services located in Building #1 on the 30th Ave Campus, or at the DTC.

Date Adopted: 
Saturday, March 1, 2003
Date Last Reviewed: 
Monday, August 31, 2015