Student Communications





Governance Council

Technology Council

Primary Contact

Bill Schuetz

Contact Email

Responsible Executive Authority

Chief Information Officer


Establish an official means of communications for students to:

  • Improve the timeliness and reliability of communication.
  • Integrate sustainable operations.
  • Protect student information.

This policy affects all students of Lane Community College.


Lane Community College has established email as an official primary means of communication with students.

Lane Community College will primarily use electronic communications to conduct official college business. The college will provide each student (except College Now and Extended Learning students), an official college email address. The college will send its official communications to the College-provided student email address or, in the case of College Now and Extended Learning students, to the appropriate contact email.

The college expects every student to read their college-provided email on a frequent and regular basis. A student's failure to open and read College communications in a timely manner does not absolve that student from knowing and complying with the content of such communications.

Students who redirect email from their official College email address to another address do so at their own risk. The student also assumes all risk of inadvertent disclosure of non-directory information (grades, letters of accommodations, etc.) if the student chooses to forward their college email to another provider.

All use of email will be consistent with other Lane Community College policies including the Technology Use Rights and Responsibilities policy and the Appropriate Use of Technology procedure. All violations of these policies and procedures are subject to the student code of conduct.


Electronic communication includes but is not limited to email, SMS (texting), and social media. Official communications include email and postal delivered mail.

Date Adopted

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Date Last Reviewed

Thursday, May 24, 2018