Sexual Assault

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Jace Smith
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Vice President, College Services

This procedure describes the guidelines for reporting sexual assault, guidelines for Public Safety officers and others responding to sexual assaults, resources for victims of sexual assault, and sanctions for staff and students who violate this policy.


Rape, sexual assault, forced or unwanted sexual contact, sexual or physical abuse, and stalking of any kind, or the threat of such conduct, on property owned, leased, or controlled by the College is prohibited. See the Sexual Respect/Sexual Misconduct Procedure.

Sexual contact shall be considered unwanted or without consent if:

  • No clear consent is freely given;
  • Inflicted through force, threat of force, or coercion; or
  • Inflicted upon a person who is unconscious, or without the physical or mental capacity to give consent. Impairment caused by alcohol or drugs may be considered without consent.

Reporting Sexual Assault

Any student or staff member who feels they are a victim of any form of sexual assault is strongly encouraged to report this immediately to the Public Safety Department (Public Safety), Lane County Sheriffs Department, or other appropriate law enforcement agency. Public Safety will assist victims in contacting a specific law enforcement agency and will provide security to victims while awaiting law enforcement assistance.

In addition to filing a complaint with a law enforcement agency, victims of all forms of sexual assault under this policy may contact the College’s Title IX Coordinator, Terrie Minner, at or (541) 463-3010, Building 1, Room 218C.

Complaints of unwanted sexual contact that do not rise to the level of assault should be handled through the College's Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment and Gender-Based Discrimination Complaint Process.

The Complaint Procedure provides for both formal complaint resolution and informal complaint resolution. Complaints may be filed with the Title IX Coordinator.

Guidance for Victims of a Sexual Assault

  1. The VICTIM of a sexual assault SHOULD
    1. get to a safe place
    2. get medical attention (Public Safety or other law enforcement can assist you with this)
    3. should wrap in something warm, such as a blanket or coat
    4. should place all clothing worn during the assault in a paper bag (do not place in a plastic bag)
    5. should call (541) 463-5555 at the main campus (911 at all other campuses)
  2. The VICTIM of a sexual assault SHOULD NOT:
    1. shower or bathe
    2. brush or comb hair
    3. douche or go to the bathroom
    4. change clothes (if clothes are changed, place worn clothing in a paper bag, not a plastic bag)
    5. eat or drink anything
    6. brush or rinse teeth
    7. touch things at the crime scene

Guidance for Responders to a Sexual Assault

Where a sexual assault has occurred, Public Safety RESPONDERS follow the following guidelines:

  1. Take no action that would disturb or eliminate evidence associated with fingerprints, bite marks, broken fingernails, documents, blood/body fluids, blood/fluid splatters, firearms, tool marks, hair, fibers, paint, glass;
  2. Safeguard scene
  3. Take photos, sketch (if appropriate) and take a preliminary statement from the victim and any witnesses
  4. Seal off the area and provide support for responding Lane County Sheriffs Department units
  5. Establish a crime scene log (persons leaving/arriving, time, date)
  6. Establish a chain-of-custody consistent with law enforcement best practices

Education and Assistance

Information and assistance to advise and assist victims/survivors of these offenses is available through the following college offices, which also are available to present educational and risk-reduction programs for staff and students.

Title IX Coordinator
Counseling Center (541) 463-5322
Public Safety (541) 463-5558
Health Clinic (541) 463-5665
Women's Center (541) 463-5353

Medical Services

Victims of rape or any form of sexual assault are strongly encouraged to seek immediate medical assistance from Student Health or the nearest hospital. For assaults occurring on college property after hours contact Public Safety and they will contact emergency service personnel to respond and assist.

Support services and contact numbers:

On campus:
Counseling Center (541) 463-5322
Public Safety (541) 463-5558
Health Clinic (541) 463-5665
Women's Center (541) 463-5353

Off campus:
Sexual Assault Support Services (541) 343-7277 or (800) 788-4727
Victims Assistance Program (541) 682-4523
McKenzie Willamette Hospital (541) 726-4400
Sacred Heart Hospital (541) 686-6931
Peace Harbor – Florence (541) 997-8412
Cottage Grove Community Hospital (541) 942-0511

Sexual Assault Victims/Survivors Rights

Sexual assault victims/survivors have the following rights:

  • To be free from any suggestions that victims must report the crimes in order to be assured of any other right provided under this policy and to have any allegations of sexual assault treated seriously;
  • To be treated with dignity;
  • To be free from any suggestion that victims are responsible for the commission of crimes against them;
  • To be free from pressure from campus personnel to:
    • Report crimes if the victim does not wish to do so
    • Report crimes as lesser offenses than the victim perceives the crime to be
    • Refrain from reporting crimes
    • Refrain from reporting crimes to avoid unwanted personal publicity;
  • To be notified of existing campus and community-based medical, counseling, mental health and student services for victims of sexual assault whether or not the crime is formally reported to campus or civil authorities;
  • To have access to campus counseling under the same terms and conditions as apply to other students in their institution seeking counseling; and
  • • To be notified of options for changing academic situation and other interim measures.

Accuser and accused must have the same opportunity to have others present at any hearing, and both parties shall be informed of the outcome of any disciplinary proceedings.

Date Adopted: 
Wednesday, December 1, 2004
Date Last Reviewed: 
Thursday, January 19, 2017