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Director, Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning

This procedure lists the types of instructional spaces located on Lane Community College campuses and describes the process for scheduling those spaces.

Instructional spaces:

  1. General-use classroom; lecture teaching method
  2. Laboratory: experimental, practice, demonstration, or equipment focused instruction
  3. Lecture/lab classroom:  combination of a lecture classroom and lab equipped with specific tools or electronics for instruction

General-use classrooms are used for a variety of instructional purposes and are scheduled for instruction as follows:

  1. The ability to pre-assign a general-use classroom space will be granted to an academic department based on instructional need and will be scheduled first by a department, then by the Scheduling office.  These spaces are designated pre-assigned/not blocked
  2. The Scheduling office is responsible for approval of pre-assignment use as the need arises and availability allows. Pre-assignment of a classroom may be requested by contacting the Scheduling office with an explanation of instructional need.
  3. The Scheduling office will be responsible for assigning all non-pre-assignable classroom spaces which are designated as open-classrooms.

Laboratories are rooms equipped for experimentation, research, testing, or subject-specific instruction and are scheduled first through the department, then through the Scheduling office.

  1. The ability to pre-assign a laboratory will be granted to those departments for which the laboratory experience is an integral or required part of the academic program. Laboratories are designated as blocked spaces.
  2. For non-pre-assignment use of a laboratory, the instructional manager responsible for the laboratory must be contacted for authorization before the facility can be scheduled through the Scheduling office. 
    1. If authorization is granted, the facility may be scheduled with the Scheduling office.
    2. The instructional manager responsible for the facility must develop standard operating procedures for use of the laboratory and its equipment. These procedures must apply to all users of the facility.
    3. Where specialized equipment is to be used, the instructional manager shall approve all persons who use the equipment.
  3. The exception to the manager approval requirement is a general-use computer lab.

Lecture/labs are dual purpose rooms with lecture as well as laboratory facilities. These spaces will be scheduled first through the pre-assignment department, then through the Scheduling office.

  1. The ability to pre-assign a lecture/lab will be granted to those departments that require a special facility to support their department's academic programs.  Lecture/labs are designated as blocked spaces.
  2. The Scheduling office will be responsible for assigning all non-pre-assignment use of lecture/labs.

A cross-list is required when more than one class section will meet in the same instructional space, at the same time and the same day.  An override does not provide the information needed by the computer system to understand your intent.  An override alone is ignored and viewed as a conflict.

All noninstructional scheduling is to be done is accordance with Facilities: Scheduling.

Date Adopted: 
Saturday, May 1, 1999
Date Last Reviewed: 
Tuesday, December 1, 2015