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This procedure describes the required steps to take when requesting budget changes to a position in a management, classified or contracted faculty account. It is used to establish a new position, change information about a position (account number, budget amount, level/step, FTE, job classification) or delete a current position.


A Position Budget Transfer Form is required to make any changes in a 5102 (Management), 5203 (Classified), or 5405 (Contracted Faculty) account.  It is used to establish a new position, change information about a position (account number, budget amount, level/step, FTE, job classification) or delete a current position.

Completing the Position Budget Transfer Form  

A position budget transfer form is completed and approved by the department chair and sent to the Budget Office for final processing.  This form should be processed by the Budget Office before Human Resources loads a Personnel Action Form. Directions for completing each of these actions are as follows.

Department:  The Department responsible for the position.

Date:  Date personnel budget transaction initiated.

Action:  Indicate if the transaction for the Position Number is new, a change, or a  deletion.

Position Number:  If the transaction is for a new position, contact the Budget Office for a number;  if the transaction is a change or deletion, indicate the position number for the position.

Current Listed Employee:  List the employee shown in the position number on the latest report (this will help the Budget Office verify the correct position number). If it is a New Position, fill in only the "New/Revised" budget column.  If it is a change in an existing position, fill only the line that is changing, both columns.

Budget Amount:  The budget amount (whole numbers, only) required for the Position for the current fiscal year.  If a change, indicate the total need in the Position to cover all personnel listed against that Position Number.  Other Payroll Expenses (OPE) will change automatically--you do not have to show it on this form.

Level/Step:  Identify as Management, Contracted Faculty, or Classified, and then indicate salary schedule level and step.

FTE:  Based on percentage of full-time (12-month, 8-hour days for Management and Classified; 178-day contract for Contracted Faculty).

Job Classification:  Title for Administrators and Contracted Faculty;  Job Classification for Classified (Aide IV, Administrative Specialist).

Budget Fund/Org/Account/Program Position Charged To:  The accounting string the Position is being charged against.  (Need for new position only.)

Budget Fund/Org/Account/Program Funds from/to:  Indicate where budget amount above should be transferred from/to.

Funds can be transferred from departmental materials & services accounts; however, personnel funds cannot go into M&S.

Purpose:  An explanation of the reason for transaction.  If a change in staff, indicate personnel involved.

Approved:  Indicate whether Position Budget Transfer is for this year only (nonrecurring) or to be ongoing (recurring). If the position is new, the Budget Office should have a Human Resources Request to Post Position Form.

Budget Office:  To be completed by Budget Office.

Date Adopted: 
Saturday, May 1, 1999
Date Last Reviewed: 
Thursday, October 9, 2014