Budget Change Process

Budget Office
(541) 463-3005
Primary Contact: 
Rose Ellis
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Responsible Executive Authority: 
Chief Financial Officer

This procedure describes how budget transfers are processed. Budget changes must be processed prior to the time a commitment is made that might result in budget overexpenditure.


A budget transfer is a means to reallocate departmental budgets due to changing conditions/circumstances after the original budget has been prepared and adopted. Budget changes must be processed prior to the time a commitment is made that might result in a budget overexpenditure.

Budget transfers are processed on-line or are sent to the Budget Office.

Budget Transfers That a Department May Transfer On-Line:

  1. Transfers within and between materials and services, capital outlay;
  2. Transfers within and between part-time personnel accounts; and
  3. Transfers from non-personnel accounts to part-time personnel/OPE accounts.

Budget Transfers That Must be Sent to the Budget Office:

  1. Transfers involving full-time personnel accounts (5102xx, 5203xx, 5405xx);
  2. Transfers involving transfers in/transfers out accounts;
  3. Transfers involving more than one department;
  4. Transfers involving revenue accounts;
  5. Transfers that are to be recurring (change ensuing year's budget);
  6. Transfers involving more than one sub-fund or fund; and
  7. Transfers for Fund VIII (Grants and Contracts) are sent directly to College Finance Grants personnel.

The Budget Change Request Form is used only to adjust budget allocations.  It is not used to correct the account distribution of prior revenues or expenditures.  Any personnel expenditure charges are reclassified by sending Human Resources a new Personnel Action Form; all other revenue/expenditure reclassifications are on an Inter-Campus Order Form sent to College Finance.

Date Adopted: 
Saturday, May 1, 1999
Date Last Reviewed: 
Tuesday, June 17, 2014