Strategic Plan 2016-2021 Conversation Planning Calendar

Strategic Plan 2016-2021 Conversation Planning Calendar

Fall 2014-Spring 2015:

  • Community Conversations
  • Global Conversations
  • Accreditation Self-Evaluation

Fall Term 2015:

  • Core Themes forums
  • IEC and College Council approval of Core Themes
  • Mission Fulfillment and Strategic Directions Report

Winter Term 2016:

  • IEC maps current strategic directions to new Core Theme objectives
  • identify new areas of alignment, gaps
  • identify initial suggestions for revisions
  • IEC & Planning Subcommittee visits to governance councils
  • IEC forms Core Themes Teams
  • Core Theme workshops

Spring Term 2016:

  • Gather additional feedback
  • IEC & Planning Subcommittee visits with governance councils
  • Progress updates to College Council
  • College forum
  • Drafts, revisions and editing
  • College Council and Board of Education approval