Strategic Plan 2016-2021 Conversation Kit

Strategic Plan 2016-2021 Conversation Kit

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College Council, Lane’s college planning and policy body, oversees the development and updating our comprehensive Strategic Plan with the support of the college’s Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC). During this academic year, the college is reviewing and updating the plan to support new core theme objectives and indicators.

Broad-based input and a diversity of perspectives are essential to this work. This document and complementary online components provide information about the planning principles and process and provide a framework for contributions from individuals and groups across campus.

Planning Principles

Lane’s 2016-2021 Strategic Plan will be developed using the following guiding principles established by the Board of Education:  

  • The plan will provide a meaningful framework for focusing and aligning the work of the college over the ensuing five years.
  • The plan will be organized around Core Themes (essential elements of our mission) and then strategies in support of these themes.
  • Planning efforts will be informed by broad-based input and a diversity of perspectives from throughout the college and the larger community.
  • Data will be transparent and accessible to all faculty, staff and students.
  • All planning efforts will be purposefully and systematically integrated with Strategic Plan goals and implementation plans.

Emerging Strategic Directions

Commitment to Student Learning and Success

  • Fostering a college-wide culture of service to student learning, academic excellence and success
  • Defining, understanding and implementing Lane’s high impact practices to support student preparation, progression and completion
  • Improving communications, services, systems, and structures to minimize barriers for all students

A Culture of Learning, Assessment and Innovation

  • Supporting learning, assessment and innovation through faculty research and scholarship
  • Developing cross-discipline structures and support to improve collaboration and innovation in Lane’s programs and services
  • Building capacity to expand and support online learning and educational resources
  • Providing learning-centered professional development opportunities for Lane faculty, staff and managers

A Diverse and Culturally Inclusive College

  • Developing a culture of inclusivity and respect
  • Increasing recruitment, retention and support of diverse student, faculty and staff populations
  • Promoting principles of social justice through accessible and equitable learning opportunities

Community Responsiveness

  • Identifying, evaluating, and agilely responding to evolving community needs, issues and opportunities
  • Strengthening the effectiveness of collaborative partnerships with employers, advisory boards, K-12 school districts, universities, and community organizations
  • Fostering a sense of college community through engagement, dialogue, transparency, and leadership development of Lane faculty and staff

Financial and Environmental Sustainability

  • Responsibly stewarding public resources
  • Developing planning, decision-making and resource allocation structures for programs and services to achieve optimal enrollment levels, student affordability, and fiscal sustainability
  • Implementing environmental sustainability principles and practices

Questions for Discussion

  1. In what ways do these Strategic Directions align with your work?
  2. What would you add to this list of Strategic Directions? What might be missing?
  3. All comments and feedback are welcome. Do you have other feedback to share?


Video: Core Themes Meeting 02/24/15 - College-wide Core Themes conversation with facilitator Carol Schaafsma February 2015.
Note: the segment between minutes 10 and 23 provide a solid background on the relationship between mission, core themes, and indicators for mission fulfillment