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Update: Equity Lens work has been moved to the Equity Lens Implementation Team, led by AVP of Equity and Inclusion Greg Evans. This Conversation Kit is closed and is no longer being updated.  

Please contact Greg with questions about the Equity Lens: evansg@lanecc.edu or (541) 463-5307

Equity Lens Conversation


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Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice Glossaries

Below you will find links to a variety of glossaries that define key terms relevant to equity, diversity, and social justice work. Since defining the key terms of this work is a complex, messy process, there is value in having access to a range of definitions used by different institutions and groups for these terms. It’s also important to recognize that as more voices that were traditionally marginalized in large organizations and groups are being included in these conversations, that the definitions of terminology is necessarily fluid and changing as truly diverse voices and experiences are being used to frame the way we think about these terms.

A Working Glossary of Diversity and Social Justice Terms from University of Massachusetts Lowell - This glossary provides working definitions to key terms across a wide range of social justice areas.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation Racial Equity Resource Guide Glossary - This glossary provides definitions for key terms related to work specifically in the area of racial equity.

Sierra Club’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources Glossary - This glossary provides working definitions for key equity-related terminology that are intended to “provide a starting point for dialogue around the issues and establish a framework for questions or contestations.”

University of Washington at Tacoma’s Diversity and Social Justice Glossary - This is a comprehensive glossary of terms, rooted in lived experiences, related to equity work which acknowledges that definitions, because they are rooted in lived experiences, are fluid and will change over time.

University of Kansas Library Social Justice Glossary - This glossary provides definitions for key terms for anyone interested in learning more about social justice work. There are also other resources related to social justice work that are linked on the top of the glossary page.

North Seattle College Student Leadership Diversity and Social Justice Terminology Glossary - This glossary contains equity-related terminology that is used by student leadership at North Seattle college.

Articles on Intersectionality