2017-2022 Student Learning Assessment Plan Conversation Kit Feedback Form

This Conversation Kit is complete and will not be updated.  For questions, please contact the individuals listed below. 

Tammy Salman, Project Lead salmant@lanecc.edu
Kate Sullivan, A-Team Chair sullivank@lanecc.edu
Sarah Lushia, CLO Coordinator lushias@lanecc.edu

2017-2022 Student Learning Assessment Plan Conversation Kit Feedback Form

To be completed by Lane Employees only.

About the Planning Process

Over the past decade, Lane has made steady improvement on broader engagement of faculty with student learning assessment practices. Much of this work has been promoted by the faculty-led Assessment Team, which has established a structure for professional development, and the college has provided funding and support for collaborative assessment projects and fellowships. These efforts have helped to promote assessment within a number of departments and disciplines but have not yet resulted in campus-wide collaboration to establish a system of assessment.

Questions? Contact Tammy Salman at salmant@lanecc.edu and Kate Sullivan at sullivank@lanecc.edu

Please share your ideas and questions with us by April 30, 2017.

Review the assessment conversation documents and related materials:

Then, help us determine the best way forward with assessment. Thank you!

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