2017-2022 Student Learning Assessment Plan Conversation Kit

This Conversation Kit is complete and will no longer be updated. For questions, please contact the individuals listed below. 

Tammy Salman, Project Lead salmant@lanecc.edu
Kate Sullivan, A-Team Chair sullivank@lanecc.edu
Sarah Lushia, CLO Coordinator lushias@lanecc.edu

2017-2022 Student Learning Assessment Plan Conversation Kit

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Commitment to Student Learning
Lane is committed to transforming lives through learning by providing a quality educational environment. To accomplish this mission, Lane prepares students for success in a variety of capacities: completion of programs, degrees and certificates; preparation for transfer; pursuit of lifelong learning; and engagement as citizens of local and global communities. Ensuring quality educational experiences is an ongoing process, and these conversations and assessment planning work are meant to be first steps in laying a foundation for continued collaboration and success around teaching and learning.

Goals for the Student Learning and Assessment Planning Conversation:

  1. Share information about student learning assessment practices and develop a shared language around assessment on campus.
  2. Gather information and feedback from departments/individuals on understanding of student learning assessment and current projects.
  3. Solicit feedback about faculty and staff needs related to assessment.
  4. Contribute to a student learning assessment plan.

Guiding Principles

Assessment of student learning is a faculty driven process, honoring academic freedom, faculty responsibility for the curriculum, and shared governance. Assessment of student learning is a continual cycle of improvement that includes systematic review and analysis of learning outcomes and data, the results of which are used to improve student performance and ensure a quality learning environment.

Assessment of Student Learning:

  • Is the responsibility of all faculty
  • Is a collaborative process between faculty, staff, and administration
  • Focuses on student success through clearly articulated learning outcomes and continuous reflection, evaluation, and improvement
  • Is central to the curriculum
  • Is meaningful, measurable, and sustainable
  • Is embedded into college processes such as Academic Program Review, FPD, department planning, financial planning, and strategic planning, and the Institutional Effectiveness Committee
  • Requires ongoing and sufficient resources devoted to supporting assessment work and creating professional development opportunities
  • Requires transparency and communication of results to the campus community