2017-2022 Long-Range Financial Plan Conversation Kit

2017-2022 Long-Range Financial Plan Conversation Kit


Finance Council, the financial policy and planning body of Lane Community College’s governance system, is developing a new long-range financial plan to serve the college for the next five years, with annual updates. This plan will support the college’s strategic plan, learning plan, facilities master plan, and other strategic planning efforts.

Broad-based input, in-depth analysis, and a diversity of perspective are essential to this work. This website and complementary printed components provide information about the long-range financial planning process and provide a framework for contribution for individuals and groups across campus. Download copies of the conversation kit

Plan Drafts and Resources

Plan Drafts


Meet the Team

Finance Council
Wilgen Brown, Rose Ellis, Robin Geyer, Dennis Gilbert, Greg Holmes, Brian Kelly, Kena'dee Needham, Russ Pierson, Casandra Rhay

Finance Council Planning Subcommittee
Robin Geyer, Dennis Gilbert, Greg Holmes, Russ Pierson

Planning Principles

Lane’s 2017-2022 Long-Range Financial Plan will be developed using the following guiding principles established by Finance Council.

Input from the entire college community that is:

  • Robust
  • High level
  • Supported through adequate infrastructure
  • Comprehensive and strategic in scope

Transparency throughout the process; descriptions and data that are:

  • Meaningful
  • Accessible
  • Searchable

Identification of Financial and Educational challenges, trends, and opportunities:

  • Structure for regular updates and iterations
  • Bring all ideas to the table/conversation

Adequate analytical resources:

  • Supported and developed through an adequate organizational infrastructure
  • Primary data and meaning-making indices
  • Contingency and scenario analysis

Long-term financial planning document, including interfaces with:

  • The yearly and biennial local and State budget cycles, with accountability and tracking measures
  • Department, division and college innovation constraints on initiatives, and unit responsibilities and guidelines