2017-2022 Learning Plan Conversation Contact

2017-2022 Learning Plan Conversation

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Christina Howard (Chair)

Meet the Team

Learning Council:

Aryn Bartley, Patrick Blaine, Keely Blyleven (ASLCC), Ian Coronado, Claire Dannenbaum, Jennifer Frei, Pat Griffin, Christina Howard (Chair), Kerry Levett, Phil Martinez, Adrienne Mitchell, Marleena Pearson, Victoria Rodriguez (ASLCC), Tammy Salman, and Jim Salt

Planning Subcommittee:

Jennifer Frei, Christina Howard, Anne McGrail, Chris Rehn, Anna Scott, Tammy Salman, Tammie Stark, Jen Steele

Interested in participating? Please contact the Chair or join us at the next event (see links at left: How to Participate or Conversation Kit).