Campus Conversations by APISU

12:00pm - 1:30pm
Virtual Meeting Location

All are welcome and invited to join in weekly Campus Conversations by APISU. Campus Conversations by APISU is a space where honest and real conversations can happen. What is it like to be a college student at Lane? How do you navigate college life and find ways through challenges? Where can you share, receive acknowledgement and be celebrated for your victories and get help with meaningful support to work with, overcome and learn from real issues students face today? Where can you find a friend and an ally? You can find it on Campus Conversations!

Sharing a different topic and focus every week. Sign up to attend at…

APISU is a student union where students can be who they are, hang out together, and share experiences. Students support each other by working together through a shared purpose by planning and facilitating events, activities, and co-curricular endeavors with the advice and support of the APISU Program Coordinator.

Even if you don?t plan on joining APISU, you are part of the Lane campus community and we welcome and want to connect with you. So, come join the conversation and hang out with us!

For more information, please contact your APISU advisor: Kumu Iwalani Raes at