The Winter 2018 deadline has passed. Proposals for Spring 2018 will be accepted through June 1, 2018. 

The LaneStarter concept arose out of the Entrepreneurial Conversations held during the 2013-2014 academic year as a way to incentivize and support forward thinking entrepreneurial activities. Each year the College Services Office will award LaneStarter money to support the incubation of entrepreneurial ideas that support Lane's Mission, Core Values and Strategic Directions. Funding of $50,000 is available annually, awarded in $1,000 to $10,000 increments based upon project plans and requirements.

Help is available for LaneStarter applicants through LaneStarter Coaches. Coaches are applicants who have successfully received funding through LaneStarter and want to help you do the same. Please feel free to contact them if you have a question about the LaneStarter process. Our current LaneStarter Coaches are: 

John Stark
General Manager of KLCC
(541) 463-6006 or x6006

Alyse Stone
Director of Specialized Support Services
(541) 463-5101 or x5101

LaneStarter Process:

  1. Discuss the concept with your Dean or Director
  2. Complete and submit the online LaneStarter Request form. Include as much information as possible about anticipated costs and revenue/enrollment increases.
  3. The LaneStarter Review Committee will review the concept, requesting additional information as needed, and will make a funding recommendation to the Vice President for College Services. In some cases the LaneStarter Review Committee will send the concept back for additional work and vetting.
  4. Project leads will complete a project plan/business plan for all approved projects, using the Small Business Development Center or other available campus resources as needed.
  5. The project lead will submit quarterly status updates to the LaneStarter Review Committee.
  6. Funding may be awarded incrementally for up to two years, contingent upon progress toward project goals and objectives.

LaneStarter Review/Funding Criteria:

  1. Alignment with mission
  2. Alignment with core values
  3. Alignment with strategic direction goals
  4. Demonstrated need/market
  5. Strength of concept
  6. Strength of plan
  7. Feasibility
  8. Estimated return on investment
  9. College impact

LaneStarter Review Committee:

Brian Kelly, Jennifer Steele, Greg Holmes, Rose Ellis, Chris Culver and Gloria Jarvis.

Funded Projects