Oregon Transfer Module

2018-2019 Online College Catalog

Oregon Transfer Module

A state-approved Transcription Notation (not a degree or certificate) 

For students intending to transfer within a year to a public university in Oregon, this transcript notation ensures the 45 credits of specific general education requirements and electives will be accepted at any state institution, and ensures sophomore status for registration purposes. Upon transfer, the receiving institution may specify additional course work required for a major or for degree requirements or to make up the difference between the Transfer Module
and the institution’s total General Education requirements.

Any student holding an Oregon Transfer Module that conforms to the guidelines below will have met the requirements for the Transfer Module at any Oregon community college or public institution. 

Oregon Transfer Module credits also may not match program requirements in the receiving school. Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor or academic advisor for planning their courses. The Oregon Transfer Module includes 45 credits of course work, equivalent to 3 academic quarters.

I. Foundational Skills


Two courses of college-level composition (WR 121/WR 121_H and WR 122/WR 122_H, WR 123, or WR 227)

Oral Communications

One course of fundamentals of speech or communication (COMM 100, 111, 112, 130, 218, 219)


One course in college-level mathematics designated by the college as meeting the statewide criteria for mathematics. 

Note: Foundational Skills are open to demonstration of proficiency. For information on waiver testing or credit for prior learning, contact a counselor or advisor.

II. Discipline Studies (must be at least 3 credits each)

Arts and Letters

Three courses from approved list under AAOT degree

Social Sciences

Three courses from approved list under the AAOT degree 

Science/Math/Computer Science

Three courses from the approved list under the AAOT degree including at least one biological or physical science with a lab

III. Additional Requirements

  • Electives as needed to bring the total credits to 45. Courses must be from the Disciplines Studies (Arts and Letters, Social Sciences, or Science/Math/Computer Science).
  • Grades: All courses must have a grade of “C-” or better.
  • Cumulative GPA: Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at the time the module is posted to the student’s transcript.
  • Developmental Courses are designed to prepare students for college transfer courses are not applicable to the Oregon Transfer Module.

Notes and Limitations

When choosing courses in science and mathematics, students/advisors should check specific requirements at receiving schools. Courses that include a lab component, or that deal with specific subjects, may be required for majors or degrees.