Career Technical Certificates

2018-2019 Online College Catalog

Career Technical Certificates

Students are encouraged to contact an academic advisor or counselor to determine which certificate is appropriate to meet their goals.

Lane awards certificates to students who meet the listed certificate requirements for Lane’s career technical degrees. Refer to the individual programs for more specific requirements.

Students should check with their major academic advising team for possible associate degree options.

I. Foundational Skills

Students must complete all requirements in this section with a minimum grade of C- or “P” (Pass), unless otherwise noted by the sponsoring department that the course requires a letter grade and/or a higher grade.

Note: Foundational Skills are open to demonstration of proficiency. For information on waiver testing or credit for prior learning, contact a counselor or advisor.


One course, minimum 3 credits as specified by the program, or if not specified, WR 115W, WR 115 (Summer 1999 or after) or higher.


One course, minimum 3 credits as specified by the program, or if not specified, MTH 025 or higher.

Human Relations

Three credits minimum as specified by program, or if not specified, chosen from the Human Relations list.

II. Program Core Requirements

Core course work varies from program to program. Not all programs offer a certificate. See the individual program descriptions for specific requirements and limitations.

  • Career Technical Certificates of Completion are between 45-108 credits, including Less-Than One Year Certificate (12-44 credits), One-Year Certificate (45-60 credits), and Two-Year Certificate (61-108 credits).
  • Pass all required program core courses with a letter grade of “C-“ or better, unless your AAS program has different requirements.
  • Some career technical programs may have higher general education course and/or grade requirements. Only the Academic Requirements Review Committee may waive a college General Education requirement. Petitions are available from Enrollment Services.
  • Programs may have specific courses listed to fulfill the Foundational Skills in Section I. For the Human Relations area, a department may substitute another course from the approved course list.
  • A maximum of 18 credits of Cooperative Education listed under the Cooperative Education/Internships in the course descriptions may be used.
  • A maximum of 12 credits of Physical Education list from the AAOT under Health/Wellness/Fitness may be used.
  • Developmental courses may be used only when listed specifically by certificate program requirements. (Course numbers 001 through 099 usually identify these courses.) However, WR 115 taken prior to summer 1999 may not be used