Winter 2014 Richard Quigley CE Art Instructor

Richard Quigley Continuing Education Art Instructor

Winter 2014 CE Schedule Article

By Chris Cunningham

Richard Quigley CE art instructorLane Community College art instructor Richard Quigley paints richly-hued, surreal paintings of people with exaggerated features and draws precise Mayan pyramids in colored pencil.

His immense and diverse body of work reflects an attraction to tropical environments, as well as a fascination with the ancient cultures of Mexico, Europe, and Egypt—countries to which he has escorted LCC art students over the years.

Quigley is equally appreciative of the massive rock formations carved by the crashing waves at Heceta Head on the Oregon coast, where he has taught painting and drawing workshops.

Besides teaching art, Quigley has exhibited his work in museums and galleries in Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, New York, Washington state, Washington D.C., Mexico—and across Oregon.

An oil painting of chess pieces on wood panel, called "No Space for the Oldest Piece," resides in a permanent collection at Maryhill Art Museum in Goldendale, WA.

"It's an honor to be placed in Maryhill next to Rodin," he says.

Quigley began teaching at LCC in 1976, soon after he earned his BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.

Since then, he has taught hundreds of Continuing Education and for-credit students the techniques for drawing and painting in acrylic, oil, watercolor, colored pencil and charcoal.

Teaching Continuing Education classes "is the bigger challenge," he says, because as the instructor, he feels the need "to be an entertainer and a communicator."

These days, he says he prefers the structure of short workshops, such as those he is offering in charcoal and watercolor during winter term 2014.

But no matter the setting or duration, Quigley says teaching adult learners remains a passion. "I love to share what knowledge I have."