By Major, Category, and College

Scholarships by Major, Category, and College

Eligibility requirements, award amounts, and application deadlines vary; please carefully review each scholarship.  Select one of the following, gender, major, or category. Do not select two areas at a time. This list does not reflect all available scholarships.

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Name: Award Notes
Cascades East AHEC Nursing Scholarship
Career Mobility Scholarship Award $1,000
National Black Nurses Association Scholarship Program
National Nursing Scholarship
Margaret Murphy Carley Scholarship
Consonus Healthcare Services Scholarship $4,000
Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship
Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow Resources
BMI Foundation
StraightForward Media & Communications Scholarship $500
Christopher Mesi Memorial Music Scholarship $500 Scholarships
Oregon Nurses Foundation Scholarships
Studio Art Centers International Travel Scholarships
Association for Psychological Science Awards
Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Summer Enrichment Program
American Respiratory Care Foundation Scholarships
American Medical Respiratory Therapist Essay Contest
REACH KFC Educational Grant $2,000
APSA Grants, Scholarships, and Fellowships
Public Service Scholarship Program for College Students with Disabilities
MGMA Medical Group Management Association Scholarships
American Physical Therapy Association Website
The Phillips Foundation Scholarships
National Association for Campus Activities Scholarships
Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation
Eugene Area Radio Stations Broadcast Scholarship
Oregon Association of Broadcasters Foundation Scholarship
NRAEF Al Schuman Ecolab Undergraduate Entrepreneurial Scholarship $2,500
Straightforward Media Medical Scholarship
Coca-Cola Salute to Excellence Scholarship
American Society of Travel Agents Scholarships $1,000
National Grocery Association $22,000
AOTF Scholarship $5,000
Equity Foundation Scholarships Award Amounts and Deadlines Vary
AOPA, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association $5,000
Top 100 Aviation and Flight Training Scholarships and Grants $2,500
Jean Davis Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Bernstein International Scholarship in Surveying Technology College Scholarships $500
Hispanic College Fund Scholarships
Princess Cruises and Princess Tours Scholarship
Non-Traditional Student Scholarship Resources $1,800
University of Oregon Scholarships
ASHRM Foundation Scholarship $1,500
OHCF Scholarships
Flash Movie Contest
National SMART Grant
NALS of Oregon Scholarship Fund $2,000
DirectStar TV Technology Scholarships $2,500
Carl A. Scott Memorial Fund
NABJ Scholarships $2,500
Asian Reporter Scholarships $1,500
AWS Foundation Scholarships $25,000
Alvin E. Heaps Scholarship
AFCEA Scholarships
Linda Lael Miller Scholarship
JustJobs Academy Scholarship
MAES Scholarships
Medical Professionals of Tomorrow Scholarship
NACA Scholarships for Student Leaders
Military Commanders' Scholarship Fund
Jason Pettigrew Memorial ARE Scholarship
College Scholarships for International Students and Non-Citizens Award Amounts and Deadlines Vary
Generation Ali Global Citizenship
GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship
Google Lime Scholarship Program $10,000
GotChosen $1,000 Monthly Scholarship $1,000
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarships
National Restaurant Association - Freshman
National Association of Black Accountants Scholarship
Violet Richardson Award
Varsity Tutors College Scholarship $1,000
Virginia Mathews Memorial Scholarship $2,000
Women's Opportunity Award $1,500
NewH Scholarship List
Transfer Student Scholarship
School Soup Scholarships Awareness and Prevention Scholarship
Native American Finance Officers Association Scholarship
Oregon Sea Grant - OSU Scholarship $1,500
Rogue Scholarship List
Freeman Award - Asia
Freedom from Religion
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assoc $5,000
Advancing Aspirations Global - US Bank
American Swedish Institute $10,000
Architecture Scholarship List
Association for Women Geoscientists
Advancing Aspirations Global - Discover $5,000
Oregon Association of Nurseries Scholarship program $1,500
MUST Scholarship Project
APS Minority Scholarship
Scholarship Experts
Oregon American Public Works Association
Nicodemus Wilderness Project Scholarship
Avidian Technologies Business - Technology Scholarship $1,000
AXA Achievement Scholarship $10,000
Oregon Tech Scholarships
Crazy College Cash Giveaway $10,000
Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway
Dream Award
EDvestinU National Monthly Scholarship $1,000 Scholarship Program
Common Knowledge Foundation
Blogging Scholarship $1,000
Bird-X Generation-Green Essay Contest Scholarship $1,000
Bruce Lee Foundation $1,000
Centro Latino Americano
Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team
FAA, Federal Aviation Administration Scholarship List
Oxbow Animal Health Scholarships
Culinary Arts Scholarships for Women
ECOLAB Scholarship Competition Academic Scholarship
The Reluctant Gourmet Culinary Arts Scholarship
Culinary School Network Scholarship List $1,000
Harlequin floors $1,000
National Organization for Women Poster Contest $250
Clark E DeHaven Scholarship Trust
Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium
Automotive Women’s & Alliance foundation
American Muscle Scholarship $2,000
ACFEI Scholarship through Free4U
Oral-B Laboratories Scholarship $500
American Dental Association Scholarships $5,000
Oregon PTA Teacher Education Scholarship
Syracuse University Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships A. Patrick Charnon Scholarship
Google Scholarships
25 Scholarships for Early Childhood
Skills USA Scholarships and Resources $500
Hispanic Dental Association Foundation Teachers Scholarships $2,000
Fastweb scholarships diesel technology scholarship
All-Ink Scholarship $5,000
American Academy of Chefs Chair’s Scholarship $38,770
Landings: Aviation Schools Links: Scholarships
The Home Depot Trade Scholarship program $125,000
Ninety-nines, inc. International Organization of Women Pilots $15,000
Experimental Aircraft Association Scholarship List
National Coalition for Aviation Association $12,000
OP Lofted Scholarship $500
Be an Actuary Scholarship Opportunities
National Association Insurance Women scholarships
American Chemical Society Scholars program for minority students
College of Nurses
Xerox technical minority scholarship
The Alaskan Airmen Association scholarships
Women in Aviation Memphis Belles Scholarships
Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society
National Business Aviation Association $100,000
Educational Scholarships and Aid for Flight Training culinary scholarships $2,000
Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association Scholarship Opportunities
Women in Aviation International
Women Returning to College
National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association Scholarships $2,500
The National Association of Women in Construction Scholarship opportunities $25,000
National Aviation Explorer Scholarships $10,000
Long List of Architecture Scholarships
Straightforward Media Art scholarship $500
Because Green Matters Scholarship Program $2,500
Oregon APWA Awards
Archaeology, Anthropology, and History Scholarships
Association for Iron & Steel Technology Foundation Scholarships
Annie’s Homegrown Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship
American Society of Women Accountants
Harold E. Ennes Scholarship Fund
National Poultry & Food Distributors Association $2,000
Society of Women Engineers Scholarships
American Chemical Society (ACS) Scholarships $5,000
NSBE Scholarships $500
CIB Foundation Scholarship
The American Institute of Architects Pronet Scholarship $5,000
American Indian Science and Engineering Society Scholarships
California Capital Airshow Scholarship
Aircrafts Electronics Association Scholarships
MUST Scholarship for Undergraduates
ISA Educational Foundation Scholarships
Simpson Strong-Tie Structural
Women in Aviation Scholarships $1,500
Apprentice Ecologist Initiative Scholarship
Science Mathematics And Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship
AWG Scholarships $2,000
Annie’s Homegrown Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship
Return2College Scholarship $1,500
Memorable TV Moment Scholarship $1,000
David W. Lakamp Scholarship $5,000
Wrought Iron Art Scholarship $1,000
Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation Defense Scholarship
NACE foundation Scholarships Foundation $5,000
Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund $15,000
Gates Millennium Sholars Program
Create a Greeting Card Contest $10,000
Talbots Women's Scholarship
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Scholarships
AIAA Scholarships
Minority Nurse Magazine Scholarship Program
Alice - Jeanne Wagner Endowment $1,300
Naomi Winston Scholarship $5,000
Boren Scholarship
National Peace Essay Contest
MOM Scholarship $10,000
American Respiratory Care Scholarship List $1,000
American Welding Society Scholarships
Mesothelioma Memorial Scholarship
Bernard Osher Reentry Scholarship
Beinecke Scholarship Program
Buick Achievers Scholarship $25,000
CBCF Spouses General Mills Health Scholarship
NAWIC Founders’ Scholarship
CBCF General Mills Health Scholarship $2,500
BG Scholarship $300
Courage to Grow Scholarship $500
Morris K. Udall Foundation
Jeannette Rankin Women's Scholarship Fund
Oregon Community Foundation Scholarships
William F. Helms Scholarship
National Conference for College Women Student Leaders $1,200
Ben A Gillman International Scholarship $4,000
LCC Foundation Oregon Medical Group - Medical Office Assisting $1,500
LCC Foundation Slocum Health Occupations Scholarship $1,400
LCC Foundation Bob Balwin Respiratory Care Scholarship $1,450
LCC Foundation Oregon Medical Group - Health Records Technology $1,400
LCC Foundation Shining Star $2,000
The Culinary Trust
National Society of Accountants Scholarship
Betty Gray Scholarships $150,000
Pulte Build Your Own Future Scholarship
Bill and Ann Shepherd Legal Scholarship Fund
SOE G.I.R.L. Scholarship $10,000
Nuts and Bolts Foundation - The Outside Processors Council Scholarship
AIGA WorldStudio Scholarship $2,000
Bound Tree Medical Scholarship
Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship $500
Sandisk Scholarship Fund
Donna Reed Performing Arts Scholarship
Education Portal Scholarships
Create Real Impact Scholarship
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation Scholarship
AMBUCS Physical Therapy Scholarships $6,000
Northwest Community Scholarship $1,000 attend with nine or more credits
College JumpStart $1,500
NSPS and AAGS Scholarships
National Society of Professional Surveyors Scholarship
Oregon Logging Conference Scholarship
National Restaurant Association - Undergrad
MoolahSPOT Scholarship $1,000
Higher One Scholarship
All About Education
Your Favorite Car
Air Traffic Control Association Scholarships $4,500
Michigan Auto Law Diversity Scholarship $2,000
CBC Spouses Visual Arts Scholarship $3,000
CBC Spouses Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship $3,000
CBCF Spouses Performing Arts
CBCF Spouses Visual Arts Scholarship
Network of Executive Women Scholarships
Mary Macey Scholarship $1,500
Stephen Bufton Memorial Education Fund
Oregon Native American Chamber Scholarship $1,000
Charles J. & Christine Wirz Scholarship $2,000
Saidie Orr Dunbar Nursing Education Fund $1,000
National Sculpture Society Scholarship $2,000
Native American College Fund Scholarship
Fisher Minority Scholarship $4,000
College is Power Scholarship $1,500
Direct TV Beats Cable $2,500
Krylon Clear Choice Art Scholarship
CBCF Spouses Education Scholarship
SRP Navajo Generating Station Scholarship
AISES Scholarships $10,000
AT Anderson Memorial Student Scholarship $1,500
Big Sun Scholarship $500
Akash Kuruvilla
Tylenol Scholarship $5,000
Automotive Hall of Fame Scholarships
National Federation of Paralegal Associations Awards and Scholarships Nursing Program Scholarship $1,000
Flavor of the Month
AIED Business Scholarship $500
Buildium's Build U. Scholarship $2,000
Cash Store Continuing Education Scholarship Program
Amy Lowell Poetry Traveling Scholarship
Oregon Health Care Foundation Scholarships
Atlas Shrugged Essay $10,000
Carrington Dental Centre Scholarship $500
Global Solutions $500 College Student Scholarship
Coca-Cola Scholars Program
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships
Bunny M. Connors Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Stron Tie Scholarship Scholarships $7,000
Intel Science Talent Search Contest
James Alan Cox Foundation Scholarship $2,500
Zonta Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship
First Freedom Student Competition $2,500
American Academy of Physical Therapy
If the Shoe Fits $1,000
Working Parent College Scholarship $1,000
School Pride Scholarship $1,000 Infographic $1,000
Crosslites Essay Contest $2,000
Zinch Three Sentence Essay Scholarship $1,000
Best Price Nutrition & Health Scholarship $1,000
Michigan Auto Law Car Accident Injury Survivor Scholarship $500
CarDonors Scholarship $500
Our World Underwater Rolex Scholarship $7,500
Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants $3,000
Krill Oil - Educate Your Heart Scholarship $1,000
Free Speech Essay Contest
Internet and Education Together $1,000
Professional Grounds Management Society
Oregon Media Arts Education Fund
Youth Free Expression Project
Masonic Range Science Scholarship
International Affairs Endowed Scholarship
U of O Diversity Excellence Scholarship
Pride Foundation Scholarships
Point Foundation
Ronald McDonald House Scholarships
Wayne V. Black Scholarship $5,000
Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber Scholarship
Hit the Books $500
Pursue Your Passion Scholarship $1,000 Scholarship $1,500
JAS - Oral B. Laboratories Scholarship $500
IFSEA Worthy Goal Scholarship Application
IFSEA Scholarships $1,500
John F. and Anna Lee Stacey Scholarship Fund $5,000
Scholarship Dude
Worthy Goal Scholarship
Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Scholarships $54,000
RAC-Make a Difference Scholarship $1,000
Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship
DAR Occupational-Physical Therapy Scholarship $1,000
Praxair International Scholarship $23,000
DAR National Society Scholarships
Daughters of the American Revolution National Society $1,000
DAR American Indian Scholarship $1,000
Mary Elizabeth Lockwood Beneventi MBA Scholarship $5,000
The Gallery Collection's 7th Annual Create-A-Greeting-Card $10,000
UO Osher Re-entry Scholarship
Simon Youth Foundation Community Scholarship
Why Education Matters Essay Contest $1,000
Fulbright Scholarship
United Agribusiness League scholarship
GPA Isn't Everything Scholarship $1,000
International Studies Abroad
International Programs $500
Sweet and Simple Scholarship $1,500
Zimmer Gunsul Franca & The Oregon Community Foundation $10,000 Scholarships
Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB) Program
Undergraduate Scholarship Program National Institute of Health $20,000
State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship
AAC - Schweiger Memorial
Advanced American Construction scholarship $424,000
Geico Achievement Award Program $1,000
Frame My Proudest Moment
Frame My Future $1,000
Lane County Farm Bureau
International Foodservice Editorial Counsel $4,000
Teachers of Accounting Scholarships $1,000
Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships
World Studio Scholarships
Indian Health Service Scholarship Program
Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarship $3,000
Stan and Leone Pollard Scholarships
MassMutual Scholars Program $5,000
GotChosen $20K Give Away $40,000
Milotte Scholarship Fund
National Technical Investigators' Association Captain James J. Regan Memorial Scholarship $500
James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship
Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship $2,000
Sheryl A. Horak Law Enforcement Explorer Memorial Scholarship $1,000
IFDA Scholarships
Superpower Scholarship $2,500
Emerge Scholarship
CampusRN Scholarship Program $2,500
Student Saver Scholarship $1,000
Tourism Cares Academic Scholarship List $5,000
Incight Scholarship $2,500
Best Study Habits Scholarship $500
American Psychology Society: Student Research Grant $500
Project Yellow Light - Hunter Garner Scholarship
Oregon Association of Broadcasters $3,500
Local14 Scholarship Jury
Great Lakes National Scholarship Program $2,500
John Kitt Memorial Scholarship $5,000
UO Department of Political Science Scholarships
GMAC Womens Retail Network Scholarship $500
Davis Memorial Foundation scholarships and grants $4,000
Epud Scholarships $1,250
Grasshopper Entrepreneur Scholarship $5,000
American Express Scholarship Competition $500,000
Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation $1,000
American Floral Endowment $4,000
The Alice L. Haltom Educational fund $2,000
Organization for Autism Research Scholarship Program $3,000
ACMPE Scholarship Fund $5,000
American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation Scholarships
ECOLAB Scholarship Program $2,000
IAPMO Scholarship Essay Contest
AEE Foundation Scholarship
James Beard Foundation Scholarship Program
Friends of James Beard Scholarships
The Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund $10,000
Frank Lanza Memorial Scholarship
Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium Scholarships
Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship
Fifth Month Scholarship $1,500
Scholarship Detective Launch Scholarship $1,500 Student Caregiver Scholarship $1,500
Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship
180 Medical Scholarship $1,000
International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation Scholarship
MVP Scholarships $500
Stuck at Prom $10,000
Walmart Associate Scholarship $1,000
Ellice T Johnston Scholarship for Ceramic Arts $1,500
Global Lift Equipment Scholarship $500
Transportation Association of Portland scholarship $5,000
Power and Energy Society Scholarship
Liftparts Express Scholarship
Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences $2,500
Lori Rhett Memorial Scholarship
Do-Over $1,500
Delete Cyberbullying $1,500
Touchmark Foundation Scholarships
Emilie Hesemeyer Memorial Scholarship $1,500
Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship $1,000
A Better Chicago $2,000
LA Tutors 123 Innovation Scholarship $500
Catching the Dream $5,000
Shout-it-Out $1,500
1,000 Words for 1,000 Bucks $1,000
AES Engineering Solutions Scholarship $500 Scholarship $1,500
Robert R. Coly Prize $1,000
DEED Student Research Grants Internship Application $2,000
The Michaela Farnum Memorial Scholarship $5,000
Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship $2,000
John Bennet Saviano Educational Grant
Target Scholarships $10,000
Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation
AAJA Scholarship List Award Amounts and Deadlines Vary
MyHeart Scholarship $1,000
AAHD Frederick J. Krause Scholarship on Health and Disability $1,000
Oregon Nurses Foundation $1,000
Education Matters $5,000
ACF Chefs Scholarship Scholarship $5,000 Scholarship
Janet Cullen Tanaka Scholarship $1,500
Clark Scholarship $350
The Christophers' Video Contest $2,000
Association for Women in Aviation Association scholarships $3,000
Top Ten List $1,500
Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association
Gregori Jakovina Endowment Scholarship
Jim McBroom and John H. Weston Scholarship
The Pride of the Rose Scholarship
Portland Latino Gay Pride Scholarship