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Beginning Aikido
Aikido is a defensive martial art that teaches methods for controlling attacks without violence. Unlike other martial arts that emphasize retaliation, aikido teaches techniques for redirecting aggression. Aikido teaches natural fluid motion and helps you learn to remain calm under stress. Ultimately, the relaxation of aikido positively affects all aspects of one's life. Class location will be Village School, 2855 Lincoln St room 8 in the upper wing. For more information contact Joel at or 541.461.3442

Medieval European Longsword
Learn medieval longsword techniques from the Art of Armizare, the Medieval Italian Martial Art taught to knights by Maestro Fiore dei Liberi in the late 14th century. Fiore's four illustrated books were composed for a medieval Italian prince, and teach a complete martial arts system of empty hands, dagger, sword, spear and poleaxe techniques. Class focuses on the use of two-handed longsword. Teacher is a certified Fencing Master. Equipment provided. Location is NW Fencing Academy, 2101 Bailey Hill Rd. For more information: or phone 541. 221.1695

Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu
Learn the basic fundamentals of the traditional and ancient art of Shaolin Kung Fu: breathing, stretching, stances, forms, application and mental focus.. Learn self-defense, entry-level weapons techniques and joint locks. Workouts are dynamic, fun and functional - naturally designed to improve speed, fluidity of movement, flexibility, agility and power. This is an excellent martial art not only for self-defense, but for improvement in overall well-being. Gain confidence, self-discipline and awareness and cultivate a calm and controlled mental attitude. Intended as an introductory course. No previous martial arts experience required! More information call Sylvia at 541) 344-0404.

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