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Comedy Improv
Does your inner 5-year-old want to come out to play? Then improv is just the ticket -- it's just like recess, only you don't have to get on the monkey bars (unless you really want to). In addition to having laugh-out-loud, silly good fun, you'll also learn to think on your feet, improve your flexibility and play well with others. These are all skills that come in handy in life, work, and social situations. Isn't it more fun to learn while giggling?

Write Your Life as a Comedy
Whether you're writing a memoir, a screenplay, a stand-up set or a grocery list, the ability to amuse yourself and others is one of the best life skills you can acquire. Come have fun learning the tricks of comedy writing, playing silly writing games, and making your classmates laugh. This class is great for stand-up comics who need lots of material, and just as wonderful for writers and people who just need to let go laughing. Students, who choose to, will have the opportunity to perform their material (either as stand-up or story-telling) on stage at the end of the class.

Fundamentals of Sound Engineering
Drawing upon nearly 2 decades as a full-time sound engineer, the instructor will guide you on audio equipment and their techniques. In depth exploration of physics of sound, microphones and their uses, cable types, EQ, Compression/Limiting/Gating, Analog vs. Digital, speakers, mixing consoles, common FX types, and critical listening. No prerequisites required; students only need an interest in sound engineering and/or music. Once registered, please email for directions to the studio.

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