Continuing Education
Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Lane’s Continuing Education Department offers a wide variety of career training, professional development, and personal enrichment classes. Continuing Education classes and trainings are perfect if you want to quickly and affordably gain knowledge, skills, or experience, but may not want to pursue a credit-bearing degree1,2.

Current Classes and Trainings

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Class Locations and Times

Continuing Education offers classes and trainings all year, including summer, and are held on LCC campuses and off-campus locations throughout the LCC district. Classes and trainings take place in the morning, afternoon, and evening, with most offered in the evening. Additionally, we have hundreds of Online and Virtual Remote offerings for added flexibility.

How and When to Register

Registration for most classes and trainings takes place online through our registration platforms, although you can register over the phone if this is your preference. Registration open dates are listed below. Note that registration for our Online classes and trainings is always open/active.

Pro tip! Make sure you get into the class you want! Register for classes as soon as registration opens, or a minimum of five (5) business days prior to the class start date. Some of our most popular, in-demand classes and trainings fill very quickly, sometimes within hours of registration opening.

Registration Open Dates for 2020-2021 Academic Year


Summer 2020

Registration Opens: June 9, 2020
Term Starts: June 22 2020

Fall 2020

Registration Opens: September 8, 2020
Term Starts: September 29, 2020

Winter 2021

Registration Opens: December 8, 2020
Term Starts: January 4, 2021

Spring 2021

Registration Opens: March 9, 2021
Term Starts: March 29, 2021

Note: Registration for online classes and trainings is always open/active, and classes have variable start dates.

1 If you want to obtain your GED, please contact the ABSE Department
2 View options to earn a credit-bearing degree, certificate, or transfer degree.