Improving Parent-Child Relationships Credit Class

Community Center for Family Counseling

Improving Parent-Child Relationships

Photo compilation of adults working with children

Credit Class

Experience this program in the comfort of your own home. The series consists of twenty 1/2 hour sessions and a Viewer's Guide that discusses and expands on the principles shown in each episode.

The program is designed for parents of children aged birth-middle school. The principles are simple, direct and easy to understand. They include developing a mutually respectful relationship, focusing on self-management rather than controlling the child, taking firm action rather than talking in times of conflict, being consistent, developing routines, disengaging from power struggles and ensuring that children experience appropriate consequences from their actions. Emphasis is also placed on encouraging children, providing appropriate ways for them to contribute to the family and having fun.

The series is particularly effective because it is based on real life in-home interactions. As such it has a unique authenticity not found in scripted parent-education videos.

Results of a formal evaluation showed that parents are very enthusiastic about the series, report significant improvements in their family life and feel better about their relationship with their children.

For more information, contact:

Laura Backen Jones
Lane Community College
4000 E. 30th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97405