APS-Alert 3

APS - Alert 3

Academic Progress Standards (APS) support is currently being offered remotely by email or virtual appointment (See below for details). 

Alert 3 - is the third level of intervention for the Academic Progress Standards system.

Should a student reach Alert 3, they must enroll and complete a (1) credit class titled College Success: Back on Course (CG100:BC) taught by one of our Lane Retention Counselors. This course helps students identify real and perceived barriers/obstacles to their academic success. Various success strategies and resources are introduced during this (7) week course.

Students can register for future classes should no other holds exist (Check myLane - When Can I Register). Accessing myLane - myEnrollment will confirm this and identify registration dates for the following term.

To enroll in CG100: Back on Course a student must first complete the APS: Alert 3 “Success Plan to Achieve Academic Standards Questionnaire” located on Moodle (access the link below):

*If you do not see the APS: Alert 3 Moodle course please email AcademicProgressStandards@lanecc.edu with your full name and L# requesting enrollment.

Do you have additional questions? See the Academic Progress Standards (COPPS) or contact us:

Email - AcademicProgressStandards@lanecc.edu; or Virtual Appointment (Counseling Center Website); or Phone: 541-463-3600