Alert #3: Back on Course

Alert #3: Back on Course

Alert #3 - Back on Course is the third level of intervention for the Academic Progress Standards system.

Lane offers a 1 credit class titled College Success: Back on Course taught by one of our counselors. This course helps students identify real and perceived barriers/obstacles to their academic success. Various success strategies and resources are introduced during this 7 week course.

The Back on Course Curriculum

  • college policies and expectations
  • accessing campus resources and support
  • strategies for academic success
  • taking personal responsibility
  • identifying academic and career goals
  • improving self-management skills
  • making conscious and informed decisions
  • learning new coping skills

* Over 93% of students who have completed Back on Course report it has helped them improve academically, and 98% recommend Back on Course to other students.

Information sessions are provided to help students understand what is expected at Alert #3 and to learn how to enroll for a Back on Course class. Notifications (Lane email) are sent to each student should the class be required.

Do you have additional questions? See the Academic Progress Standards FAQ and the Academic Progress Standards (COPPS).