Alert #2: Keys to Success In-Person Workshop

Alert #2: Keys to Success In-Person Workshop

Academic Progress Standards (APS) support is being offered remotely by way of phone, email, and Zoom appointment by request. Contact us for more information.

Phone - 541-463-5771
Email -

Alert #2 - Keys to Success In-Person Workshop is the second intervention for the Academic Progress Standards system.

Should a student be placed on Alert #2 status, they must successfully complete the 90-minute, Keys to Success In-Person Workshop. Upon completion the Alert #2 hold will be removed and registration for future terms will resume.

During the in-person workshop students will address the persistent barriers/obtacles that interfere with student success. Students are directed to seek out specific Lane resources to address identified needs and offer support. In addition, a personal "Success Plan" will be developed. Students may be referred to their Program Advising Team, Lane Counselor, tutoring or other relevant services.

To successfully complete the scheduled in-person workshop a student must register with the link located below. 

Keys to Success In-Person Workshops are offered each term, including summer.

Do you have additional questions? See the Academic Progress Standards FAQ and the Academic Progress Standards (COPPS).