Academic Progress Standards FAQs

Academic Progress Standards FAQs

If you are a degree-seeking credit student at Lane, we want to help you reach your educational goals, and to do that, you need to enroll in courses required for your program of study, and complete them with passing grades. Every term, all students who are in a degree program are tracked to see if they earned at least a 2.0 GPA and completed at least 67% of the credits they attempted that term.

If you do not meet the Academic Progress Standards, there will be an intervention to help you succeed. You will have a registration hold on your account that prevents future registration or adding/dropping classes until you complete the necessary intervention. This hold will be an "Alert" hold with a number that tells you what level you have reached. The Academic Progress Standards information shows a table of possible interventions.

This standard applies to all students and is not the same as the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

Answers to commonly asked questions about Academic Progress Standards can be found below. Please click on links to access detailed information.

Q: I have a GPA of 3.5. Why am I getting a notice that I did not meet the Academic Progress Standards?
A: Lane's Academic Progress Standards require that students achieve minimum standards each term of a 67% Completion Rate for credits enrolled in after the refund deadline AND a 2.0 GPA. Students with a high GPA may not have completed at least 67% of the credits they were enrolled in after the refund deadline (typically Sunday after the first week), and therefore did not meet the Academic Progress Standards.

Q: What are the Academic Progress Standards, and where can I find them?
A: The Academic Progress Standards are described on Lane's website.

Q: Will Lane contact me if I fail to meet Academic Progress Standards?
A: Yes. Once grades are posted at the end of a respective term, Lane will send an email notification to any student not meeting Academic Progress Standards.

Special Note: Make certain your current email address is reflected in myLane and Moodle, and that you check your Lane email often.

Q: I don't understand. The College allows me to drop classes through the 8th week of the term, and that's what I did. Why did I not meet the Academic Progress Standards?
A: Although students are allowed to drop classes through Friday of the 8th week of the term, dropping classes will affect completion rate. Students are committed to pay for and complete the credits they are enrolled in as of the beginning of the second week of the term. These are called attempted credits. These credits are what the completion rate is based on.

Q: Is there a way that I can have the Alert Status removed?
A: Yes, there are two ways that can lead to an Alert Status being removed. (1) If a student receives a refund from the College because of extenuating circumstances for a term in which an Academic Alert Status was put in place. Or (2) if a student receives a grade change (indicated on their transcript) for a term in which an Academic Alert Status was put in place, and that grade change brings academic progress for the term to Good Standing.

In either case, the student must email with their name, L Number, and the information.

Q: Do I have to complete the intervention before I can enroll in future courses?
A: Yes, once a student is on Alert Status 1, 2, or 3, or Academic Dismissal, a registration hold will be placed on their record. In order to make schedule changes to a current term in progress or enroll in future terms, a student MUST complete the appropriate intervention. See the chart on the Academic Progress Standards procedure page.

Q: Will my Financial Aid be impacted?
A: Possibly. Financial Aid - Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards also apply to those who are receiving and/or applying for aid. Financial Aid SAP standards are not exactly the same as Academic Progress Standards, although they are similar. Consult with an Enrollment Services staff member (Building 1 Lobby) if you have questions about your Financial Aid SAP status. You can compute your Financial Aid SAP, by using the Financial Aid SAP Calculator. If a student continually meets the Academic Progress Standards, the cumulative GPA and completion rate will always be ablve the minimum standards for Financial Aid SAP.

Q: What happens once I complete an intervention?
A: A student will have the Academic Progress Alert registration hold removed, and be allowed to make schedule changes to the current term and register for future terms (as long as the student has no other registration holds).

Special Note: Status in Academic Progress Standards is not the same as Status in the Financial Aid SAP standards. Know your status in each area.

Q: Does my cumulative GPA and completion rate affect my Academic Progress Standard status?
A: No. Academic Progress Standards apply to each term's GPA and completion rate, so you could have a strong cumulative GPA and completion rate, but still be placed on an Alert status, if you do not meet Academic Progress Standards for the term. If you meet the Academic Progress Standards every term, your cumulative GPA and completion rate will remain above the minimum standards.

Q: I received a letter telling me I am on Alert 1: online Keys to Success required. I'm confused about what I am supposed to do.
A: The letter provides detailed instructions to read and follow. Assistance is provided in the student lab in the lobby of Building 1 to help students access Moodle and answer questions about how to complete the online Keys to Success workshop.

Q: Let's say I'm on Alert 1 and complete the intervention. I stay in good standing for the next two or three (or more) terms, but then have another term where I don't meet the standards. Will I go back to Alert 1?
A: No. You will be placed on Alert 2, since it's the second term you've not met the standards. The terms don't have to be consecutive. Each Alert status has a separate intervention as described below. Find more information about the interventions at Academic Progress Standards Interventions

Q: Is it possible to have two Academic Progress Alert Registration Holds on my record at one time?
A: Yes. This is best explained through an example. A student may have received an Alert 1 after Fall term, and because they were already registered for Winter term classes they could proceed in Winter term and not take care of the Alert 1 online Keys to Success workshop during Winter term. This would prevent them from registering for Spring term classes, and if they end Winter term without meeting Academic Progress Standards, it would put them at an Alert 2 status also. The student would need to do both the Alert 1 and Alert 2 interventions before they were able to register for any future classes.

Q: If I have an Alert 2 and an Alert 3 hold, can I just do the Alert 3 Intervention?
A: No. You need to do the Alert 2 intervention first. The interventions are designed to help students recognize what is getting in their way of meeting Academic Progress Standards, and to create individualized plans to address the obstacles and get back on track for meeting Academic Progress Standards.

Q: I feel like a failure for not meeting the Academic Progress Standards. Should I just drop out of school?
A: No! Many good students do not meet Academic Progress Standards during a term because of many different circumstances. It is important to realistically assess what is getting in your way of meeting the standards and make changes, Lane has many rich resources to assist you in figuring out how to address obstacles you may be facing, A great place to start is with the Academic Progress Standards intervention for your Alert level.

If you have additional questions or concerns related to Academic Progress Standards, please email Always include your Name and L Number.