Online and Hybrid

Course Variations: Online and Hybrid

Online and hybrid classes are offered via the web using Moodle Learning Management System in order that students may participate anytime, anyplace. Online classes are taught 100% via the web with low- or no- on-campus requirement. Hybrid classes blend the traditional classroom with the online classroom, i.e., the class meets not only face-to-face with an instructor but also online thereby reducing the amount of time that would ordinarily be spent in the classroom. Different classes have different technical requirements, but all courses require consistent web and email access. 

These courses follow the same term schedule as classes on campus. Classes with the same course number cover the same topics and have the same objectives regardless of instructional format, i.e., classroom, hybrid or online.

Business Student Resource Center

All business students have the opportunity to use the Business Resource Center (BRC) (Building 19, Room 249) which has computers for students as well as tutoring in most Business Technology and Business Administration classes. 

Getting Started Online

Online classes are not easy and present a different way of learning. A recommended prerequisite to online learning is the ability to read carefully and follow written instructions as well as be responsible for independent learning. Visit the college's online orientation to review the required skills, technologies, and time for an online course.

Find the course(s) in the schedule and enroll. Have textbooks and materials for the course.

If enrolled, a student will be able to log in to Moodle on the first day of the term and begin the class. It is imperative that a student log into the Moodle class site before the end of the first week of class or risk being administratively dropped from the course.