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In order to maintain a constant tuition rate relative to inflation, each December, the board will adjust the per credit tuition rate to reflect changes in an appropriate index for two-year public colleges since the last tuition adjustment. The rate will be rounded to the nearest half-dollar and become effective the following academic year (Summer Term).

For other adjustments:

Periodically and as needed, the board will review Lane's tuition rates to ensure: a) that tuition revenues are appropriate for the needs of the district and, b) that Lane's tuition is comparable with other Oregon community colleges that are similar to Lane in terms of student FTE and instructional programs. Prior to approval of the tuition increase, the board will review the index options, affordability and access for students, and the revenue requirements of the college.

ADOPTED: November 13, 2002
REVISED: July 27, 2004
REVISED: July 13, 2005
REVISED: June 11, 2008
REVIEWED: June 10, 2009
REVIEWED: October 14, 2014