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Health and Safety

Policy Title

Use of Intoxicants and Controlled Substances

No person may bring onto college property or into any college-owned facility or to any college-sponsored class or activity any intoxicating beverage, controlled substances, volatile inhalants, except in the situations specified in this policy. No person may appear on college property or in any college-owned facility or in any college-sponsored class or activity under the influence of any of the above mentioned substances. Under no circumstances shall alcohol be served at college-sponsored activities to underage minors as defined by state law.

Exceptions to this policy are as follows:

  1. Alcoholic Beverages may be used/served:
    1. for cooking and/or instructional purposes in food preparation labs or classes and in labs or classes related to the science and/or service of alcohol; or
    2. at college-sponsored or on-campus activities catered by legally licensed and insured businesses or agencies with prior approval using procedures specified in college administrative rules (see Alcoholic Beverages on Campus).
  2. With appropriate documentation, prescription opiates, or other psychoactive medications, may be used as legally prescribed by a licensed practitioner. However, according to statute, marijuana shall not be ingested on campus even with a medical marijuana card.
  3. Glue and thinners may be used only in class-related lab environments and in facilities construction and maintenance for non-intoxicating purposes.

Adopted:   November 9, 1998
Revised:    June 9, 2004
Revised:    March 8, 2006
Revised:    February 18, 2009
Revised:    March 14, 2012
Reviewed: July 13, 2017