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The Board of Education of the Lane Community College District shall consist of seven members, each member elected to a four-year term by the qualified voters of the entire district. A member shall reside in the zone from which elected and shall not be employed by the College during the term of office. Two members shall be elected to represent the district at large and five members elected from zones, each to represent one of the following areas:

Zone 1 is the western college district, which includes the Bethel area of Eugene, Veneta, Dunes City, Florence, Mapletone, Westlake, and Monroe.

Zone 2 is the northern college district, which includes North Eugene, Coburg, Harrisburg, and Junction City.

Zone 3 is the northeastern college district, which includes Springfield, Thurston, and the Marcola area.

Zone 4 is the southeastern college district, which includes the McKenzie River Valley, Creswell, Cottage Grove, Lowell, Oakridge, and Westfir, and portions of the Churchill district.

Zone 5 is entirely within Eugene and, in general, the area south of the Willamette River and east of City View Street.

At-Large – Position 6 represents the entire college district.

At-Large – Position 7 represents the entire college district.

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVISED: July 17, 2002
REVIEWED: October 14, 2003
REVISED: October 10, 2007
REVIEWED: June 9, 2010
REVISED: December 3, 2013
REVISED: November 4, 2014